Buying An Hermes Kelly and Getting Robbed in Barcelona

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This is part 2 of my Hermes experience in Barcelona. I will also tell you about how we were robbed and a little about the beautiful city of Barcelona. I still can’t believe I actually walked into an Hermes store and walked out with a Kelly. I will also tell a little bit about the sizes of the Kellys. Thank you for watching.

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jessca moate says:

Thats soo disgusting!! Idk how people dont have any conscious!. Its soo sad to hear this..😢 im soo sorry.. Who raises these people!..😢 THANK GOD SHE GAVE HIM THE CRUCIFIX BACK!.. God bless her for giving it back. Yay u found the hand too..🎊🎉 THANK GOD YOU GOT 2 OUTA 4 PIECES BACK.. I JUST THINK ITS SOO HEARTLESS TO STEAL FROM PEOPLE.. IDK HOW THEY CAN EVEN LIVE WITH THEMSELVES.. Great video and story.. Im sorry to hear about it though..

xilu wang says:

which store did U buy it? Can u give me more details about ur sales cos i want to go to spin to buy kelly as well. Congrats u have this pretty cuties

Jocelyn Patterson says:

How much was the kelly in Barcelona if you dont mind me asking?

Elle Styelle says:

Would you mind sharing the price of your Kelly? Sorry if I missed that part if you ever mentioned it.. Thank you for sharing all your stories, I got so thrilled as well when you got your bag.👍👍

Jillian L says:

A Kelly Sellier is the best. And Gris Asphalt?! One of the best grays Hermes has ever produced! Your bag is Perfect! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Dior Mecall says:

Congratulations on getting your dream bag! Sorry to hear about your robbery. I saw your Birkin Scam video and wondering if this Kelly smells real leather compared to the gasoline vinyl smell of that fake bag? I want to know what is the difference in the stitching, the stamps, the hardware and the feel of the leather. I would appreciate it so much if you can share that to your viewers. Thanks!

holistic79 says:

I know someone who had all the jewellery stolen that was in all in a bag while visiting Spain.

It was very beautiful and very expensive they had proof the Spanish police were in on it it happens alot out there.

AudrieRose says:

When we travel we keep our money in the in room safe and bring out a little bit at a time as per what we will need for the day and I usually do not bring any of my real or expensive jewelry.

Kim Mendonca says:

OMG that's so oh man! That's wicked awesome the two main things were found!!!


your new baby is sooo beautiful. congrats!!!


ughhhh what a story. so sorry that happened to you guys. my boyfriend tells me to tuck in my gold cross all the time in NYC and now I am going to listen to him. I can't believe his was tucked in and they were still able to snag it. people are so awful. you are so, so lucky about finding some of the pieces.

S Song says:

Thanks for sharing your story!

Victoria Pavlova says:

Barselona has one of the highest crime rates for tourist areas, so you should blame it on Barselona (no matter how amazing the city itself is). Congrats on the bag, it’s lovely.

Makeup & Medicine says:

What a blessing that she found the crucifix and that she gave it to you guys! That is a terrible and violating thing to happen. Glad he didn’t let it ruin the rest of his trip. Congrats again on your beautiful kelly!

MisoJenny says:

congrats on your Kelly!! Sorry to hear about the incident but so glad you and your husband are safe!

49SQMIproperties says:

Sorry to hear about the robbery, but great that you got what you've been wishing for at Hermes! Hermes has inserts, which I feel don't compare to 7rueparadis. Both are very pricey, if you don't mind paying for that. Otherwise Samorga also make inserts and they do the job just fine. I have inserts from all three, so I speak from personal experience.

Zerlina Wong Liberatore says:

Hi Juls, thank you so much for sharing your story and congrats on the bag!! My parents are heading to Barcelona in October and I am helping them with an itinerary. Do you have any recommendations on sites and restaurants? Thanks!


That was really horrible, glad your guys are ok. I remember 2 years ago , at midnight we were walking at street in Madrid, two young men were really closed me while we were waiting to cross the street. They tried open my bag from behind, good thing my husband saw and he screamed in our language to tell me that my bag was completely opened. I turned my head and saw those two young men, they saw me and just laughed and walked away. Ever since then I locked my handbag when we went our. I never think this could happen it. Your experience also is good to know. Thank you for sharing and the bag are gorgeous. I just subbed your channel, hopefully next video you reached 1k. Awesome video ❤️

divinexjanice says:

I’m glad he got back one of his grandmother’s momentum and his mom’s

Sonya Morgan says:

Have you watched Mel_inMelbourne? She has a lot of great videos on Hermes inserts. Great channel and video!

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