Bought Fake Louis Vuitton Prank/Gold Digger Test!

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BC SquadLife says:

This had me dying ??

omnitrix1992 says:

How about dah? How about dah?

shantice morgan says:

200 comment omg???

Gaboogab says:

Yay! She not a gold digger!!

Azelyn Martinez says:

a dog purse ?

lol lol says:

She is cute lol ❤️

good Vibes says:

when people liked Jessica i didnt like her lol now i like her she cute lol

iAmJustin HD says:

Love her reaction.

RolloTheSealion says:

5:01 "It wasn't that cheap I mean" ???

I am Nightowl says:

4:30 had me dying

Andrew Pacheco says:

Its funny when Mystic talks like a girl. Shit is pretty funny.

Ramses Moradel says:

Hella funny bro

KD_Smooth6 says:

This nigga dead punched the purse???

Eric N Gary says:

4:23 Jess: Where's the real one?
Mystic: It's real. Look its sturdy. smacks it It's real


I love your videos

Angel Sanchez says:

they used to be so goals

Riyanna Hemmings says:

At least she still appreciated it and made good use of it. She's nt ungrateful ??☺️

Trenton Johnson says:

do another prank

Game Plays says:

If MysticGotJokes pins this comment, I will rob my cousins REAL LOUIS VUITTON BAG in the next 48 hours!!

Chris martinez says:

#TeamMystic ??

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