Boosie on Gucci Mane's Baby Mother Taking Him to Court: They Don't Look at Everything (Part 18)

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In this clip, Boosie revealed what happened with two of his kids not being with him on Christmas last year but said him and his baby mama have since made up. Boosie also weighed in on Gucci mane’s baby mama drama and explained where most BMs go wrong. Boosie pointed out that most women take child support and use it for themselves rather than letting the money stack for their child.

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Marks Spencer says:

Boosie "With the Steve Harvey lining"

Fredrick Mimms says:

Vlad probably got the best contact ever off this interview lol

geremy scott says:

Vlad u a whole bitch for this title….

Big Jay says:

Where's this man eye brows

Andrew Ricks says:

I totally read this headline wrong 😂

Keith Usery says:

"I talked Lil boosie baby Mama into letting him get his kids for Easter, Yeah I made that happen VLAD" that's how I roll.
—-TK Kirkland

Andres Toussaint says:

This dude is kinda dumb 😒

tonia riley says:

Can't get a weave that money!!!!

Nasa White says:

He the first one I seen smoking gas on Vlad lol

Chris Steve says:

Coom oon maane

Alexis Barrera says:

These dumb hoes in the comment section foh. If the system is broken y'all will take advantage. If it gets fixed these hoodrats won't have a REASON to do this shit

Xavier Phillips says:

Child Support, not Baby-mama Support. What women forget is that they are suppose to also provide support for their child in addition to what they receive from the father. If a mother can’t provide her financial support for their child, then give that child to their father, and stop 🛑 being selfish.

Flyy Starr says:

Shit but at the same time you are the sole provider and guardian for the child so you deserve to have some of that child support money.

Al-B says:

If u get child support u prolly going to hell ladies

Annacalia Saunders says:

Boosie's a real G. Str8 up….shout out to Boosie.

Brandon Jeffries says:

People who are blessed enough to get section 8 and all that bs should have a plan like my rent low I’m gone stack my bread and make a better situation or go to school or sum if not u a deadbeat .

710 K says:

Tk Kirkland: " I was actually the one who had told Boosie to get out of the hood. Out of all the rappers I've mentored he was the one who had really taken my advice"

Jerry Stevenson says:

Child support is for car expenses too if needed realistically because if y'all had a family unit you would be there to pay the bill.

Jimmy Smith says:

6:01 wtf was that

Anthony Finley says:

This whole interview when it drops will be his best one yet.

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