Bois d’Argent by Christian Dior: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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Hi Fumies! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to upload fragrance reviews, owing to snarly, gnarly real life getting in the way. As the Bowie song from “…

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erdbeermund78 says:

It’s funny, whenever I wear it, I start off liking it but after a while all I can smell is milk…

TheOrchidFan says:

wow thanks for your answer! I definitley have to smell this one, but i fear it is no available in austria 🙁

XLiq says:

It’s good to smell you again! 🙂

luckyshiningstar101 says:

Katie, I love your fragrance reviews. I’m really getting into the fragrances, and I was thinking of buying Liquidnight by A Lab on Fire. Have you ever tried the fragrance, and if so, what did you think about it?

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Try the new one from Comme des Garçons, Blue Santal.

HollyB Staffieri says:

Nobody does it like you, Katie.
missed ya!

sounds great as I love Myrrh.

If anybody is looking for a fabulous Myrrh perfume oil, Attar Bazaar does it well. and it will not break the bank.
Paired with some Renee Furterer Myrrhea Anti-Frizz Silkening Shampoo, kinda expensive but well-worth it, you will be smelling fine.

jesse montes says:

Katie do u have another men’s cologne suggestion other then tom ford sahara noir I’m just not to into insense. One dat attracts like molecule 01. Thanks

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Lately it’s been Clinique Aromatics Elixir. It only smells good when you “bury” it, since it’s so strong. I do one spritz in the small of my back, another on the nape of my neck.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Glad to be back, Ruel!

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Try the new Tom Ford, Sahara Noir. It’s grrrrrreat!

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

You might possess special telekinetic powers.

Bazil Tarmizi says:


Madelyn5454 says:

Really enjoyed this fun rêview !!!

quirkygal8 says:

We missed you!!

alnsubuga says:

Nice to see you back! Will have to hunt down this scent and give it a sniff.

TheOrchidFan says:

What is your signature/every day scent?

SkreetGil says:

I too was just thinking, hmm, haven’t had a Katie Puckrick video in a while.

It’s the weirdest thing when that happens!

I dig it.

jesse montes says:

Katie wats a great 4 casual n formal winter cologne that will make ppl wanna follow u or no wat it is cuz it smells so good and great for night and day. P.S I already have molecule 01. Thanks.

Ruel Celerio says:

O-M-G. For several days now I’ve been thinking: when will she be back? And now she’s back! YOU’RE BACK! Miss you terribly Katie.

MrVernon437 says:

Welcome back Katie, nice seeing a review from you. You’re still one hot mama..  🙂

cici kohagen says:

Yes Ma’am!!! It was a pee of glee!!!!! xox

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

This is a good suggestion!

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Consider it considered.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Thanks, JD.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Very pleased to hear that, Joe.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

I find Leather Oud bludgeoning. Patchouli Imperial is great, but I think you should go for Eau Noire – it’s so complex and sophisticated and pleasure-giving. In fact, I think I should review it! Thanks for the inspiration.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

I will say that the initial sweetness backs off after a bit, and the smoky leather comes to the fore.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

There’s no getting around it, Bois d’Argent borders on being cloying and too sweet. Not in an ice cream berry sundae way, but just because of the milky thickness of the myrrh.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Putting ideas in your head.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Ooowee, a deep cut from the house of EL. Good suggestion.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:


KatiePuckrikSmells says:

So nice! Thanks.

KatiePuckrikSmells says:

Hah, “Bwah Dah John”. Gotta say it all French’n’fancy.

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