Bois d’Argent by Christian Dior Fragrance / Cologne Review

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Presentation: 1:40 | Smell: 3:40 | Rating: 7:53 A fragrance review of Bois d’Argent by Christian Dior. Thanks for watching! Where to buy:…

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Azzurri82 says:

Excellent review on this one, Steven! I really do like this one and have
had samples. That being said, this is likely my next full bottle purchase
and for the same purpose – work. Happy New Year to you! 

MyMickers says:

Yeah you did this one justice. One of the best to be had :-)

Sean Winterton says:

I know this is very versatile, but which seasons/occasions does it work
best for you? Btw, what do you teach as a teacher?

VikingShaver says:

WoW, no Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit Absolute in the background. No Eau Sauvage
Original either. Great review as always. Cheers, Claus from Denmark

my2003nsx says:

Excellant review as always, I have been on the fence on this one, after
this review i will be buying within a week or so.

What are your thoughts on Mitzah???

Starrchild65 says:

Thanks for reviewing this.

kontinnuum says:

Great review. This fragrance makes my fragrance journey worthwhile. I was
given a sample of this after purchasing Mitzah. You are spot on with your
review. On versatility can you think of a situation were this fragrance
would not be appropriate?

NY Goodsmellas says:

Excellent as always Merry Christmas

Anita Misztalska says:

Steven great review ,you looks great as well ! Very classy 🙂 Hugs to
you,Jenn and family ! 

whitespiritbear says:

After watching this video, I dabbed a bit on my hand from the sample you
gave me. Its a gorgeous fragrance. I reminds me of a more sexier Dior Homme
if that’s even possible.

anomaly19851 says:

Smells like crayons or latex mixed with honey.

Farshad Rabbani says:

Just a quick note – you mentioned that versatility was 10/10 but you have
8/10 on video. Great video!

Jaron Smith says:

It smells like money that’s all I get…

Jtreu23 says:

Another great review! Thanks! Happy holidays.

Joe Anthony says:

Love this scent….Top 5 all time for me(although I am still starting my
journey & have a lot of other scents I have to review bro

donski grajo says:

It’s been a while since I was able to comment because of YouTube’s policy,
great review as usual! Cool new look with the facial hair! Happy Holidays
to you and your family! – donskidarko

ScentNomad says:

Wow, I have hardly seen such precise description of a fragrance before. You
are really good at picturing details (smell, texture, performance), yet
it’s compact and not long winding.

B’dA is really cool, very nice to wear, timeless and yet totally unique.

rttoronto says:

Excellent review.

Redolessence says:

Thanks for watching!

anomaly19851 says:

Smells like crayons or latex mixed with honey.

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