Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent | Fragrance Review

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Smell 01:59 | Other Peoples Opinions 06:27 | Ratings 08:41 Sweet, Medicinal. Benzoin and Eucalyptus gives it a mysterious, medicinal feeling. As it dries dow…

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Rafick Bdaro says:

That issue with the formatting does not happen with me, you probably have a
messed up one

george fourtinas says:

Great video Doc. ! I never got to try this one when it was on the shelves
here in greece ! But i dont think im missing out…..

dracdoc says:

Don’t worry about it.. the problem is my bottle

RayRich1 says:

Hi dracdoc . I just got this in the mail from drscent .com And my bottle
does not look like any of the body kouros on youtube or google . My bottle
is grayish and looks like the bottle of the original kouros . Do you know
if the bottle was redesign ?

Cheeng Wong says:

Annick menardo is a woman

wasteofspace20 says:

Nice delivery and great work.

Ervin Barabas says:

bait, it’s called bait.

greenthumb says:

Great video as always doc.

Ervin Barabas says:

Just got this about a month ago. Really good juice, gets compliments and
stays on for a pretty long time

greenthumb says:

I blindly bought this with all the reviews i watched. And like you i was
like man all this hype for this. I do like it and get compliments from it.
But imo overrated

dracdoc says:

Yup, totally my mistake on that one!

raidernationcali says:

hmm? my cap doesnt do that. hope mine is real

BCandSL62309 says:

Yeah, Annick is a French female name, so I can see why it may have a female
twinge to it since a woman made it (this is not a negative thing, just an
observation…I know women can make strong, masculine scents).

Stefan Bajer says:

Hi! Nice review. I blind bought this and was not impressed. It stayed on
the shelf for about a year and I decided to start using it. And wow, the
ladies really do like this stuff! I was very surprised, because I didn´t
think it was that great. Very unusual, but not great. Similar experience
with Azzaro Chrome Legend. I don´t like it that much, but women give
comments every time I wear it. And they are both quite cheap online. So, if
you want panty droppers, buy!

jeviam says:

Is it me or does Mike always say the fragrance smells younger??

Vaughn Gooding says:

love the public opinions!!! this is what all fragrance review have been
missing! also loved your collaborative top 10 lists. aaand the table of
contents for the video… great stuff man!!!

maddmaxx46 says:

Another great review, well done! I assume you get requests constantly but
could you please do “Fahrenheit” by Christian Dior? I think this is a
fantastic scent and was hoping to get your take on it.

joekeithgutierrez57 says:

My bottle has the sprayer built in the cap. It smells great I pick up more
sweet vanilla than anything

dspada67 says:

Hey Doc, great as always . I had this one before and loved it but did not
last that long ( longevity) Should I buy again or get the original that I
have never owned.?? Will the orig get complements too worn correctly, I am
a young 45 .

freddiephoto1 says:

This is the one that started it all… I used this for years (was my
fav)… it became a little hard to get in stores, so I started looking
online and also for a replacement for when the time came that I couldnt
find it at all… I came across the great community and the rest is
history… in less then 6 months I’ve gathered about 30bottles and have
smelled at least 100 fragrances I have never heard of before… You have to
love technology!!!

Hassan Aslam says:

I should be sleeping man, I’ve got school but your review was too good to

CreedFragz34 says:

Great review. Blind bought this one and wore it to work and really like it.
Great frag

joekeithgutierrez57 says:

And girls love this one

vorsakend666 says:

still a damn poser.

QWERTYOP80 says:

Just the name “Kouros” sends an awful shiver down my spine. Does this bear
any resemblance to that… thing?

J Gray says:

great review man, but FYI Annick Menardo is a female. Anyways you just got
a new subscriber.

df393 says:

i doubt making fakes of body kouros is a profitable endeavor. the only
fakes you really have to worry about are Creeds and probably the top 20 or
30 best sellers. it’s just not profitable to make a counterfeit of a 10
year old cologne that isn’t selling millions.

912alldaylong says:

PRADA has a NEW Men’s Fragrance call Prada Luna Rossa, the bottle looks
classic,modern,sporty, from the notes at it looks like a FRESH

vorsakend666 says:

whatever helps you sleep at night, poser.

dracdoc says:

It’s very very close 🙂

Burak Kartal says:

Annick Menardo is a lady not a man…:)

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