BLONDE Kim Kardashian shopping at Hermes in Paris, AGAIN….

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Without husband Kanye West, Kim Kardashian went for a little shopping at Hermes rue Saint Honoré in Paris Paris, France September 30th, 2013 More amazing cel…

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oldnite650 says:

Omg she’s shopping omg.


Why is her hair so scraggly and crappy looking? The Hermes proprietor escorted Kim Kraptrashian to the door and says good-bye, but she just shined him on and turns her head away—-how RUDE. It’s a self-absorbed person like this who needs an asteroid dropped on their head.


Good catch… yeah, they’re shacking up and fornicating like a couple of whoremongers.

TheCudiii says:

the description says kanye is her “husband”, they are not married

youngpoopy says:

she the turkey and black dick the stuffing

MrJeanSarkozy says:

Nuff said.

Alien KingB says:

Kim Whoredashian is nothing but a cheap slut who got famous by having a sex tape leaked, she doesn’t deserve to be considered a celebrity as she’s done nothing to CELEBRATE

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