Black & White Chanel Inspired Nail Tutorial (Konad Stamping)

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Please expand 😀 MY PLAYLISTS: – Konad Stamping Playlist – Non Konad Stamping Playlist – DIY Nail Art http:…

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Mad Zijlstra says:

Wever Nice and cute baybay

Javed Shaikh says:

thats perfect. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . dont think its funny, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. rush it here >->

Selena Malik says:

where did you buy all these products from?

kayla johnson says:

cute nails ever

Clara Neuenschwander says:

Love it!

Ashleigh Jackel says:

You shouldnt have music I love your voice!


I LOVE IT. just subscribed

Soma Nice says:


nohemi1117 says:

Love it!,

regularshowfan246 says:

Your nail tutorials are cute and awesome! Keep up the great work! <3 🙂

polishmepretty1 says:

hey guys check out my channel for nail art tutorials and help me reach my goal by subbing! thanks xoxo

ajlin ajruli says:

Who have you find your Konand Stamper, Scraper Set and your Born Pretty QA1, Konad m79 Plates ? You have so nice videos 🙂

Chi Kieu says:

Dep mua o dau

Prettycute polishes says:

Welcome:) plz follow me back on twitter and instagram

KissDelight12 says:

Super cute

Marilyn Chavez says:

I love this

Makenzie Faulkner says:

The black on ur nails looks awesome

msunicorn241 says:

Where did you get the stamps?

Lowa Lagerquist says:

You are best! <3

Leslie Tran says:

I love you

lauragriffiths98 says:

Hi Janelle I was just wondering what elleandish means since your name isnt elle ps great tutorials keep up the good work!

R. Fessie says:

you are great. *slow clap* i am not even joking when i say this, open a small salon business and you would be a billionare in literally a week. your nail art tutorials are so fucking good, its not even funny.

elleandish says:

Hmm not sure! I was born that way 🙂

Jessie Sanchez says:

Why is you pointer finger curved a little bit, my mom finger is like that too, cuz she had an small accident

elleandish says:

:} thank you <3

Prettycute polishes says:

it realy pretty i love it it think this is my fav disegn

Liam Bungert says:

I love you ! It s beautiful

GlamourHaul says:

I really love all your videos and all the time i always wait to see it :( but my problem is that i dont have nail polishes

elleandish says:

Thank you for watching Sandra 😀 <3

Sandra Bilz-Stuiber says:

I Love your Video´s! So awesome!

Valerie Germanotta says:

it would mean a lot to me if you guys check out my channel 🙂 just posted a new tutorial 🙂

itscescaa says:

what video editor do you use?

aikachirain says:

i’m also from penang. u can get konad stamper from gurney plaza 2nd floor new wing. there’s a nail art stand there selling these stuff.

llugonesll says:

This is so cute

TheIlovecookies247 says:

The konad stamping kit isn’t expensive honey

rachel nelson says:

can you do nail tutorial’s that do not require professional nail tools?

elleandish says:

the bornprettystore(dot)com has free worldwide shipping.. they sell the stamper there 🙂

andrealow40 says:

How to get a stamper if i m in penang ?

maya cohler says:

thank you!
i was just unsure.

elleandish says:

Yeah the Sally Hansen one is just one that I had on hand at the time… It doesn’t dry matte like whiteout however.

elleandish says:

Yes of course! Use any white polish you have on hand.. I only mention the exact brand and polish name in case someone would like to know 🙂

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