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HI EVERYONE welcome back!

Here is the website where i got Valentino flats with less price! Check it out for other purchases as well!!

Hope you enjoyed watching this haul vid!

What i was wearing in this vid —————————————————————————————————————————–

Zara shirt small

Burberry scarf brown

Nailpolish x formula flashy

Eye brow Anastasia M brown

Lipstick Burberry Oxblood

Foundation dior star #01

Concealer Nars Chantilly

Concealer Nars Vanilla

Primer Laura Mercier radiant

Blush becca

Eye shadow Naked 3

Mascara Lancome

Eye liner kat von D tatoo

High lighter Becca opal

Bronzer too faced natural

Setting powder Becca

Setting spray Naked

Two cash back websites that i use for getting cash back!
From using these cash back websites i saved lots of money to get more goodies! Check them out if you are interested in getting cash back for your online shopping purchases!!! Love them!
Hope this helps with your purchases.

( For example : sephora 8% cash back at mrrebate always but sometimes it becomes 12% on special days, ASOS 3% cash back, Nordstorm 8%, NM 8%, Saks 8% a lot of times etc…)

Mr. Rebates


Thank you for watching!
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taishea says:

That lip color looks beautiful on you!

fashion lover says:

Everything is absolutely gorgeous, especially on you my beautiful friend. But your lv shawl….adooore! Enjoy it! Love:))

Saerllo Lolo says:

hi CC i too wear burberry lipstick that shade suits you for a change and matches your burberry scarf. love the lv scarf.

Miike08 Pennia says:

It is a good haul of the LV, chanel and many others. I think the Burberry ox blood is different lipstick.
And give a new look. The Valentino shoes would look good with any bags you have and it will give a matching look when you go out.
Like the scarf you have on and it is to here talk about the items in this video!!!!

j dove says:

I went on Nordstroms website they sell Valentino Dior Gucci manolo blahnik jimmy choo. Saint Laurent and Burberry and Christian Loboutin

carlosPRO garcia (CARLOS LEGOPRO XD) says:

Not the ones with pearl the ones with CC

carlosPRO garcia (CARLOS LEGOPRO XD) says:

What is the code for the Earings that you are wearing?

j dove says:

Nordstrom Sells Valentino ?

Nyyce M says:

Love your channel! I just got the speedy B 25 in DE last week too! I've been looking for a functional yet chic bag for my trip to NYC last week, and when I saw it was made in France I knew it was meant to be! it made me so happy to see you get it recently as well! love love love <3

tarana6 says:

@lvlovercc great video as usual ❤. Can you do a tips and advise video for people that are just entering the luxury hand bags market. ie best bags for price point or what you would recommend as starter pieces. Should i buy designer handbags or wallets or maybe a clutch. What are some must haves that can have without breaking bank and what are some items that are so amazing that they are worth breaking the bank.

Lisa Qiu says:

OH MY GOSH , Wondering how can i get the name tag? does every speedy 25 which is the exactly same item you have does own that???

Claire Smith says:

The speedy B looks so chic, effortless, beautiful x

Rosewater Water says:

U are so beautiful ur child lucky he have beautiful & young mother . U look so young I don't believe that u have child how u are managing ur time between YouTube & ur child & house work really difficult cook & clean & care chid hie u are managing all this?

sherry howell says:

I love your burberry lipstick that's is color for all your hauls video.

Carol Chan says:

That lipstick colour is stunning on you and suits you very well!!

iREVIEWitALL says:

super haul reay enjoyed that, love the hermes bracelet unfortunately this and kelly double tour don't fit me :(

Yvonne M. says:

Very nice video! I love the Louis Vuitton shawl … <3

Emil Karlsson says:

I love love love the scarf!!! It looks so good on you, despite you wearing the burberry scarf beneath it haha :D

Abbey “Mylove4bags” Mugroso says:

Lovely haul 🙂 the earrings are beautiful.

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