BHAD BHABIE ft Lil Yachty – Gucci Flip Flops – Jojo Gomez Choreography – #TMillyTV

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BHAD BHABIE ft Lil Yachty – Gucci Flip Flops – Choreography by Jojo Gomez – Filmed by Tim Milgram

Dancers: Jojo Gomez, Serena Petruzello, Savana Petruzello, Cache Melvin, Chris Gayle, Kaycee Rice, Tahani Anderson

Featuring Bhad Babie (Danielle Bregoli) & Lil Yachty

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Camera B & C: Chris Koehl & Jon Hernandez

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Lexi Harris says:

They snapped 🔥💯

Megan Basterrechea says:

Which one's Kaycee that everyone keeps talking about?

Walker Cloyker says:

Kaycee ❤🔥

yuh says:

Trash I’m sorry 😐

Weirdo 26 says:


Diana Kaye Elejedo says:

This was a booty contest

Jon Da Silva says:


Perf ; says:

Which one is kaycee

Vanessa Hey says:

The first dance group , the girl on the front looked like that girl ob orange is the new black , dogget

- jasmine says:

2:11 BRUHHH😂❤️

Mikel is the PEEQUEEN says:

i think danielle changed SOOO MUCH as a person! I still dont like her and i dont agree with alot of things she says and does and i also cant forgive her that she called poppy "talentless" but i can forget it and focus on her music! in my opinion she can actually sing she is not that rebel teen as she used to be she has grown so much over the years and i think ppl should give her a chance!!she has changed and you guys(who still hate her) can also change and give her a chance!!!Keep It Up Danielle!

Jayden Lmao says:

I got 3rd degree burns looking at this fire dance.

Matthew The tiger says:

We gotta imagine their reaction or something 🤦‍♂️

Katie Cooper says:

Kaycee still got me shook?

Lyv Rue says:

so crazy how she got famous for disrespecting the hell out of her mother. we made this girl rich…but this choreo goes though lmao

Michael Jackson Lover says:

Am I the only one that seen yachty get happy when he seen the girl twerk

TwoLitforyou says:

ili yachty enjoyed that

Ben EastwaterVlogs says:


Qeeun Y says:

Lil yachty liked it when she began twerking

Öykü Öğmen says:


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