Best and Worst of Chanel beauty / makeup products, an HONEST review

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this is just MY honest opinion, just because i felt one way about a product doesn’t mean it will work the same for you but i hope i can explain it in such a …

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Jessica Davis says:

Omg! Yes! Those rouge coco shines are totally not worth it. I bought yet
another one b/c the SA said they changed the formula to be more pigmented.
Well, it was, but not enough shine. Ugh

Ana Vilič says:

Love you video! What about Allure Velvet lipsticks, do you own any of

Lindsey Stevenson says:

I have the illusion d’ombre creme eyeshadows in mirifique, fantasme (the
white one you recommended), epatant, and illusioure and I absolutely love
them! I want to get a lot more of them. They are my favorite eyeshadows, my
go-to eyeshadows, and so so easy to apply! I also have the bronze universal
and Iove that too! I am glad I saw this review before purchasing more
Chanel because I love all the Chanel products that I have (which isn’t a
lot) so I sort of assumed everything was amazing. Thanks for the review!

Elizabeth Barthel says:

What about their mascaras? 

Jenna Caravaggio says:

Great video!! Thanks for sharing xoxo 

Deborah valentina says:

I love your nails, beauty!!

Bijaya Chhetri says:

Aww Jess you’re so cute :)))) 

Rose Wilkinson says:

Ahhhh I love the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Initiation, I posted about it
the other day, I can’t stop wearing it! 

Fiona Nguyen says:

loving your videos ! great work !!

Melisa Veljan says:

Love your honesty, great video! 

zoey doll says:

Can u do a favourite drugstore products! :)

Layla Navarro says:

‘I look like a farm animal’ HAHAHAHAHAHA

Cristin Cline says:

Love! Refreshing to see a real, honest opinion :)

karynaheidrich says:

Amazing Video! It was so helpfull! And u r so honest ! Love it! ❤ Keep
goin’ girl

Alison Mullett says:

That stinks Chanel is so expensive in Australia! In the states the
foundations are only $54. Bummer you’ve spent good money on duds; but
thanks for your honesty :)

rabija kliko says:

Can you do your favorite drugstore products? X

sarahvanbelle says:

Love your videos! :D

Ecaterina Braghis says:

Great job!! Hope to see loads more from u :)

maddij61 says:

It would be great to see more of these “high end” makeup products 🙂
because most people on YouTube to stick to the usual drugstore ones 🙂 

AlexMdmazing says:

Which lipstick on you in this video? chanel rouge allure 102? 

Jess Atkinson says:

Totally agree about the nude Chanel lipsticks – I have ‘Boy’ and it’s
dreadful. I recommend the new Armani CC lipsticks!

Natalie Stoj says:

Love your honesty jess haha I died 

Tay Tay says:

You’re gorgeous <3

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