Ben Stiller Recaps Zoolander’s Surprise Valentino Appearance

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Ben Stiller talks to Jimmy about Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald walking the runway during Paris Fashion Week.

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Ben Stiller Recaps Zoolander’s Surprise Valentino Appearance

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mugenXZY2012 says:

lol they look exactly the same after 14 years.

Yellow4494 says:

Ben Stiller is a very underrated actor! Brilliant guy.

Rube Pena says:

"I became…
what ?
You can read minds ? "

Super Star Sammy says:

I've always thought Hansel was hot if you ignore the nose

phillip rosario says:

they making sequal's to everything

Incognito says:

"No water. Believe in yourself" :)

hemmojito says:

I wanna watch that

Ben Pyle says:

one of my favorite movies

Michael Frigerio says:

Let's hope this movie doesn't turn into another dumb and dumber too

Katharine T. Jones says:

Zoolander is my favorite movie, I cannot wait for the second one hahah

Faeble says:

Zoolander + his model friends REUNION

Abdou Azizi says:

Ben stiller is so funny. not like that fucking adam sandler

ThunderboltTangerine says:

So is there a sequel???

djurofaca says:

What city is behind them? A city for ants?

JustDoItTomorrow47 says:

Camping often is in tents. 

Zbog Sira says:

Are those buildings fake ?

AfterDarknes says:

I loved zoolander ben what the hell ur saying?

OrbitalAngel Nebula says:

I fucking love Zoolander :D

abolesmal says:

Jimmy Fallon.. Stop the fake laugh for god's sake!!

MrIggy92 says:

Man Stiller is such a nice guy it's borderline weird 

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