Behind The Scenes of Dior’s Haute Couture Collection | Karlie Kloss

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Here’s a peek behind the scenes of how an haute couture collection is made. Many thanks to the team at Dior for having me poke around the atelier TWO DAYS before a show, and congratulations on an incredible collection.

a movie by Karlie Kloss
edit by Dream Machine Creative
produced by Annalora von Pentz

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Golden Glove says:

Karlie got her pair of Dior boots and thought we wouldn't notice.

Golden Glove says:

the true artists are these people there…They are the most beautiful and tranquil and peaceful people…They are selfless and ask for no attention whereas their attention comes from their work on these beautiful gowns…

Golden Glove says:

Karlie please make more videos of you visiting designers please…by the way I had no idea you were 6'2 you are one inch taller than me wow!

Golden Glove says:

I want to want to like Maria so much she seems like a nice lady. I just feel she is a good designer if she is in a duo with someone with a bit more of an edge.

Hamad Osuna says:

Boerhavia Erecta

Melissa Locke says:

6:04 is not about this 🤣

Joelp1996 says:

Maria Grazia is so visibly passionate she’s bursting to explain pieces to Karlie. It’s so inspiring!

Angela FunWorld says:

Amazing Karlie as always! Thanks for fun and creative content! 😘

hiago rocha says:


FionaRae says:

And I think I’ve done a good job when i sew the hole in my 10 year old jeans 🤷🏼‍♀️

Fan Of Ruby Mathew says:

Love klossy

Labiba Habib says:

Love you Karls. Girl can I get a heart from you?

Mr. Parker says:

Queen Kloss !!!

Patty Blom says:

Really cool to get a look behind the scenes!!! Please do more of these!

Bolton Michael says:

I really wish you did a vlog with J Law

YoshiPeach Mario says:

I hope tall women everywhere understand that shorter men can't help but look at your boobs when they're looking at your eyes talking to you. It's in their line of sight.

Bá Khouri says:

Dream experience! Ty for sharing!

Smail Lemcharki says:

Son accent est trop séduisant.
Do you agree?

Bintang Rahmadi says:

Karlie Karlie please Karlie

lizvlx says:

she makes something that is very interesting seem stupid and superficial. her clothes – she looks terrible. why is she wearing high heels to this skirt and meeting tiny Marcia? and her accent in french….i mean, is it so hart to say "aute" and not pronounce the h please?

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