Before you purchase a Louis Vuitton bag

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Do your homework before buying a Louis Vuitton bag.

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MsMakeupLover78 says:

I believe a lot of sales ppl discriminate against people. Customer service should be great no matter your outfit.

DB101415 says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

crucible4silver says:

Did you buy your first bag already? If so, I want to see it!!! Tag me on your next video. Louis Vuitton has brought so many people together, it’s so much fun!!! When I’m in public and see a LV bag, I feel like going to the person and interviewing her, ha, ha! Some people look unapproachable and if they are nice I say “good taste, great bag!” and we both laugh. I love it!!!!!

crucible4silver says:

You are more than welcome to add any point that I may have missed!!! Have a great day

gottamatch says:

These tips were fantastic, especially about going in on a week day rather than a weekend. Thank you for taking the time and effort of making this video especially for new customers to the Louis Vuitton experience!

hongipan says:

Very good video! You get many good point that I totally agree with you!

Kysh170 says:

very informative

Kysh170 says:

I heart this video.

MemeMawina says:

I completely agree with you, I went to purchase my first bag (speedy bandouliere 35) and felt I had to dress nicely to present myself as a serious shopper. You get a better service. It is proven that people who dress and present themselves in the appropriate manner in turn get treated with more respect. First impressions count. If you are buying a classy, sophisticated bag from a brand like Louis Vuitton it is my opinion that you should do it justice and wear the bag, not let the bag wear you.

housewifeofbog says:

LOVE YOUR ACCENT where are u from 🙂

LisaB103 says:

Great tips! I’m completing a master’s program soon and I am getting my first LV as an I DID IT gift to myself. I appreciate knowing these helpful tips!

crucible4silver says:

Thank you Samantha!!! I bought it from The Gap when they where bringing their 2013 Spring Collection. It may be there still. Every time I wear it I receive compliments. The colors are vibrant and you take it out of the dryer and no need to iron!!! No color transfer on this fabric. Hope you find it!!!

Samantha Miller says:

i love love love your shirt where did you get it if you dont mknd me asking???? 🙂

smileglu says:

Great video! You’re tips are spot on. I’ve been buying LV for 8 years and I agree with everything you said especially shopping when they will not be busy and doing research beforehand. I was surprised that the SA didn’t check you NF for authenticity when you exchanged it. I know yours was authentic but what if it was someone that was trying to return a fake NF? When I had my NF repaired the SA checked it over and checked the system when I bought it. Keep up with the great videos!

MsBlueMaude says:

GrEat points !! Another great video :0)

dougdz11 says:

Yes, it’s definitely great to do your research. 🙂

Valduccianono1 says:

Hey girl. I love your accent. Lol. Yes def do research before you go. Lol

crucible4silver says:

You never know when the SA in front of you will be knowledgeable or not, but the product is so expensive that is worth learning from the website and videos before you go in, I agree with you!!!

crucible4silver says:

I’m glad you liked it!

Juke Box says:

Very helpful, Thanks 🙂

Helene Peloquin says:

Thanks for the video. And I find that it’s good that I know the products because I was there on Thursday and I knew more than the SA.

hadriahannah says:

Nice video. Very helpful!

hadriahannah says:

Nice video. Very helpful!

crucible4silver says:

Wish I could be calmer and not do as many gestures, but I guess that’s who I am, ha,ha! Hope you enjoyed watching!!

lauren mercie says:

i love your pursonality 😉 hehe

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