Beauty Haul & Review: MAC NARS Charlotte Tilbury Yves Saint Laurent | Chloé Zadori

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Chloé Zadori says:

NEW Beauty Haul 🙂 Like comment & subscribe <3 +NARS Cosmetics +MAC
Cosmetics +Charlotte Tilbury 

ML says:

T’es tellement belle! ton ral est PARFAIT! Et je suis triste de pas pouvoir
être au week end de toute beauté cette année <3 Je vais penser à vous les
amis! xxxxxxxx

Vanessa Bisetti says:

I think Im the only person in the world who doesn’t like the MAC pro
longwear concealer, it’s SO drying on my undereye 🙁 and it’s hard to
blend… Any tips?

Andrea Bou Faissal says:

Mineralize skin foundation is my favorite of all time ! Tu va l’adorer xo

Nory Dijas says:

You are literally flawless, porcelain skin!! Right??

Tamara Towle says:

So stunning! I’d love to see a full tutorial with that foundation and your
eye makeup in this vid 🙂 xo

nikki nash says:

You are such a bombshell!! Girl you are so pretty! Oh and I love your

cindy hamrick says:

Hi Chloe…I think you should try some Make Up Geek eye shadows before you
spend a lot of money on MAC shadows. Since you love Jaclyn Hill, I am sure
you have seen her using them..and the cool thing is that on the website you can actually see swatches of the shadows on
someone’s skin and there is also a really good description of the shadow so
you can see if it is a cool or warm shadow and the greatest thing is that
they are much cheaper than MAC shadows, but they are just as good (some say
better) and pigmented so I am sure that you would really like them. Thank
you for sharing this haul with us and i can’t wait for your tutorial videos
using these great new goodies. Love and Hugs from a pretty new subbie!

karebear466 says:

new subbie! can’t wait to see a look with Brave….i’m hearing so much
about it this fall!!

Tina Hong says:

What are u wearing on ur lips??? Love it xx

Kimberly Enid says:

Do a what’s in my bag video please!

Vanessa Bisetti says:

OMG, how much money did you spend on these products?! Lol

Caroline Liew says:

ur hair looks great, just out of the world, tutorial plz ??


That lipstick combination is a success on you ! + your hair look so healthy
on camera since you had them cut ; ) Gorgeous as always ! As for the
christmas gift, don’t bother spending $ since I just want the eye shadow
duo .. (I love love love that duo) But I realy don’t mind waiting until you
get over it .. even if you say you won’t : ) love you xx


Chloe you’re so beautiful and I would like to ask you something ! I want
the colour you have on your lips but I want to buy only one product from
mac(a lipstick)!! What do you suggest me to buy ? I want only one lipstick
which will be like your colour and I ll have it in my bag !!!!
+Chloé Zadori 

Rachel Adan says:

I love the dolce gabanna pour femme and you should to try the hanae mori
butterfly perfume it’s also amazing:)

AleLovesYouu01 says:

you’re gorgeous

Tropical8D says:

Maintenant je suis aussi tentée d’aller sentir ce parfum de Dolce&Gabbana !
J’adore les framboises :D

Mollie Rose says:

Great haul! I am proud to say I watched the whole thing 🙂 I only got into
MAC recently too! Drooling over the Charlotte Tillbury products..

yari16215 says:

I love your makeup in this video chloe,you are stunning. ;-)

Angie says:

Every time I watch your videos I think to myself I need to learn how to
speak and read Canadian French fluently. Second, I think “oh my goodness
Miranda Kerr’s doppelgänger/ twin! Love it!

Andréane Labrosse says:

J’aime beaucoup tes videos! Si tu as le temps, pourrais-tu venir voir mes
videos? merci xx

Lisa N says:

I just found your channel yesterday and im literally watching all your
videos. You’re absolutely beautiful! <3

Valeria Christophorova says:

Loving your OOTD – videos! Please, do more of them xx

Mary Martin says:

So random, but you look like a mix of Kylie Jenner and especially Lucy
Hale. What a great combo!! 🙂 Great video.

minniemadonmakeup says:

You look beautiful! Love everything you got x

NinasAllure says:

You are soo beautiful & I love your accent 

Breanna McMorris says:

You’re so pretty! You remind me of Lily Collins

nebras aqa says:

I am from kuwait and i really enjoy your vedioes keep going and u are
really beautifull 

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