Beautiful Jennifer Lopez goes shopping at Lanvin in Paris

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AlaiN Silva says:

I love her outfit .

Maritza Delgado says:

comprando ropa no se ve k ha comprado o yevan bolsas con ropa solo esta mirando tiendas no se confundan

Tiffani Linde says:

She's gorgeous

ingra Romanov says:

Le esta comprando ropa al vividor de el ex

Layzha Lopez says:

She's gorgeous ♥_♥

Derrick E Pellot says:

Omg she looks so stunning its ridicuoous. Love her

heavenlycatlover3 says:

Haha when she smiled and waved at the paparazzi, one guy said "She's very nice!" in french. 😀

Iworkwithnitwits says:

I love her hair upswept like that…so classy.

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