Balmain | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Balmain | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 by Olivier Rousteing | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

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Joshua Levi says:

Trash. No cohesion. Forced.

MissAtlantique says:

shut up. this is good

Siria Bossone says:

Haute Couture, thanks Balmain.

Andres Franco says:


Dreamer king says:

i think he only made a red carpet collection here. But in my opinion the majority of haute couture clients arent even famous.


Fifth Element Fashion

Sakk Sarkis Sarkis says:

I dont know what to say! Its okay! lot of ideas n clothes n makeup I mean maybe its way toooooo muchhhh. you cant just throw everything on a model

bobbie mole says:

Why have the model's skin tones been exaggerated? Isn't that problematic? Also, not a fan of covering the boobs with hands or leaving one bare. I'm pretty sure the whole idea of clothing is to clothe people. It's a tired statement leaving exposed nipples, can we leave it behind?

Peyton Thomas says:

Maybe it didn’t translate well on camera? Idk 😐

Romero Constantini says:

It looks outdated and costume-y

magic spoon says:

This needed to be edited waaaaayyy down before showing. Too costume. however, i did like this collection.

imani wilson says:

This is nice to me. Especially the oversized bows and those pants that resemble feathers. Omg

Maku L says:

This is what Alexander Mcqueen would look like if a designer wanted to recreate his amazing talent after watching his shows without looking at the correct referrence.

Cherese Ealy says:

i would wear the first outfit

Crystal Clear says:

I feel a 1980s vibe going on here. This reminds me of sci-fi films circa probably 1987. And I’m also getting a feel for late 1980s art. I’m getting an after taste of “Ruthless People.” This being said, I still found it fascinating.

Reb Belleza says:

Jean Paul Gaultier is that you? Even the desinger is wearing your stripes.

KarliquesGG says:

It’s not Balmain

livioangel says:

He should design CD

1115 Awake says:

Hey sexy Lady

Alena says:

I watched this show in its entirety before looking at the comments and I'm shocked at how many people didn't like it! I loved this show. Ethereal, dreamy, and futuristic! LOVE

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