Bag Review: Chanel 2.55 Medium/Large Classic Flap Bag

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As requested, here is the Chanel bag review. I’m really sorry that this turned out to be a really long video, I wasn’t too sure what I should be saying in th…

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allthingspurdie says:

awww…yeah thought it might be. But worth a try..btw I really love your videos…keep them coming.

MacchaDiary says:

sorry both are sold already 🙁 thanks for your interest

MacchaDiary says:

hey sorry it’s already sold 🙁

MacchaDiary says:

Sorry I already sold 🙁

MacchaDiary says:

I think Toronto boutique price is around $4400 right now 😀

bayka borkhuu says:

hi how much is chanel 2.55?

melissa pintone says:

If your still interested in selling I’m definetly interested! We can do pay pal?? Thanks

allthingspurdie says:

I’m interested in the bag. I am in the gta area. Please email me if the bag is still available.

suzysnowflake33 says:

hey love your bag and interested in buying it if you ever decide to sell. interested in your other chanel bag too.. please send me an email

MacchaDiary says:

I’ll try to do it this weekend :)

MacchaDiary says:

I’m thinking 2500

MacchaDiary says:

I’ll try to do it this weekend 🙂

cocacola988 says:

Btw love your outfit tres chic 😉

cocacola988 says:

Ps u should keep the bag, if u sell it now and use your money towards smt else. Later on if your going to buy this bag again the price wil have skyrocketed

cocacola988 says:

Could u do a review of the herbag

Allys Closet says:

great review and love the purse! I think you should keep it 🙂 its so timeless!

BiteMeXD says:

Can you do a review of your herbag?

Toweee5910 says:

how much would you be selling it for?

TinaM404 says:

Hi! How are you doing? How much are you selling this bag for? I am interested 🙂 Love from Montreal… xoxo

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