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I’m back to some semblance of normalcy, though I’m learning to live with what is my new normal. Thanks so very much for the continued well wishes and positive messages! I can’t tell you how much it means!

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Gucci mules
Bond No. 9 fragrance

August 24 2018
Zara dress
Hermés slides
Gucci bag

August 26, 2018
CH Carolina Herrera blouse
Frame jeans
Gucci mules
Hermés bracelets
Gucci bag

August 27 2018
Romance was Born top
3×1 jeans (similar)
Gucci bag
Chanel necklace
Gucci mules

August 28 2018
Lafayette 148 dress
Christian Louboutin shoes
Hermés bracelets
Fendi bag and strap
Céline necklace

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Jahaziel Pérez says:

I'm glad you're doing fine lissy. Just one more step and you'll be out of this situation god willing.

Pam S. says:

My beautiful darling welcome back so wonderful to see you we are here for you and praying for you thank you for your video I was looking every day to see how you were doing we are also here to keep you company like you keep us company that’s what friends are all about my darling you’ll be 100% well soon have lots of fun with your new hair I am a hairstylist from Boston I wish I was there to help you God bless you my darling!!🙏🏻❌⭕️😘😘😘

Cindy Englert says:

So happy to see you back! You look beautiful without any makeup ! Keep fighting the good fight…we’re all praying for you!

marianne says:

You look great Lissy! For wigs: check out Nisha/Sugar Puff and Fluff –she has done lots of videos on wigs –and they look good!

Sawyer S says:

So glad to see you’re doing well!!

luxgrly says:

I was so excited to see your video pop up. Love the Lafayette 148 dress on you! Enjoy the upcoming long weekend.

Alice Fashion Land says:

Hi, Lissy is so good to see you! You are looking beautiful and stylish as always, loving your new Gucci loafers and Chanel necklace. Praying for your chemo therapy to go well. Stay strong 🙏🏼

Moksha in the Moment says:

Yay Lissy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ninel'sPassionForFashion says:

So good to see your face!!!

Rachel Joy says:


D says:

Lissy you look better without makeup! You actually look younger.

Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

Thanks for uploading, wonderful to see your smile ☺️❤️🙏

Tkowood 3 says:

Lissy i have been thinking about u and hoping you were coming along okay. You look amazing and it was so nice to see you with such a positive mindset. Thank you for keeping us updated. Look forward to your next video 😍😍

Marla Robinson says:

You look beautiful Lissy. You have a great boss.

Zandy McCulla says:

So happy to see you back, you've made my day Lissy : ) You look fabulous, as always & thankyou so much for keeping us updated. Oh and love your new necklace. Lots & lots of love from Australia xxxxxxxxx

Farzana Ishaq says:

Love your positivity ❤️ May God heal you🙏🏼

Patricia B says:

You look great!!! So happy to see you again!!! xxxx

Classy Sassy says:

Lissy, I am so glad to see a video from you. You are in my prayers! Keep shopping and I am praying for your healing.

Lili Ottawa says:

So glad to see you back Lissy, your beautiful upbeat personality and gorgeous smile. Cheering you up on your journey! Bless you.

Mary Baker says:

So fabulous to see you looking well despite the traumatic surgery, looking so pretty and back to your normal interests. Loved your new necklace. You will do well with your therapy because you have great family and enduring interest in style, travel and food. Get rest but keep up your forward progress. You are the best.

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