Atelier Versace Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show

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The elegance and power of the contemporary goddess.
A juxtaposition of glamour and mystery, with cinched-in poise meeting the fluidity and provocation of Grace Jones. #AtelierVersace
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dreamershavemorefun says:

This isn't the runway music…I thought this was the Lady Gaga Donatella show??

Nidia Yanet Taboada Ibarra says:


Jose C ferro says:

Modelos lindas uma coleção com modelagem e córte com design e caimento ergonômico lindo vestidos longos com teçido com brilho lindos vestidos modelos vazados – ombro único com fenda profunda na latéral com caimento ergonômico lindos uma coleção com péças requintadas e luxuósa SIMPLISMENTE LINDAS

Chris Leigh says:

Yessss. I am loving their poses at the end like they did in old Versace fashion shows. These models are fierce! 

Kevin Lucar Versace says:

Hermoso cd atelier versace y su diseñadora donatella versace.

TheChickadee8 says:

that last model hit it just right! show that thang, girl!

g love life says:

very good

leonard Vinci says:

Grandiose , la beauté époustouflante de ces Filles .

Reyzan Imanda says:

This is my fave collections!!! 

Did Son says:

slaaay versace

angel Love says:

Atelier Versace Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show:

這一系列的女神風很美,很亮麗,動人! 她使用了伊斯蘭的神秘元素,夜空的黑色,閃閃發亮的鑽石星光,飄逸,神秘,美麗,女神風采 ,盡在不言中 ….. 

iamjorgedaniel says:

God that porn music ruins everything !!!

Katrina Tarmin says:

My God! The Versace's ALWAYS HAVE THE-E-E-E BEST MUSIC!!!, maybe that's part of the Italian in them, I didn't even see 20 seconds yet, of the show and already LOVING IT! just from the music alone.I LOVE THEIR WORK! – Tina (nickname)

Kevin Casey says:

This was my favorite collection! Lots of chique, sexy looks! Especially the dresses! 

Anna malik malik says:

perfect WOW !!!!! I love it

seanzscorpio says:

 The only looks here that were modern and Versace cool were 6.04, 7.21 and the final look. Everything else was a write off in my eyes…

Luz Gil says:

Atelier Versace Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show: … vía @YouTube

Condé says:

Beautiful collection, especially the Grace Jones' crystal hood outfit. (3:46) And before with Karly Kloss and that misty looking purple coat.

Graciela Crockett says:


João Manuel Cardoso says:

Sensualidade, glamour, Versace claro!

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