Assumptions About Me! | Taco Bell Loaded Nacho Box Mukbang | Christian Dior | Hungry Handbag #1

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blackheart says:

Great Idea for a video, you seem like an amazing women. Subbed!

jasminelittle87 says:

I'm totally like that. I'd rather give it away or donate it instead of return it.

stephanie Johnson says:

I hate to return anything also…. it’s just such a pain. I keep then purge

Linda De Leon says:

Omg I hate returning too lol

Fly With Stella says:

Yes!! Omg I would totally buy everything from your vlog sale!! 😍🙌

Tashie Tyler says:

Chick Fil A ALLLL DAAAAAAAAAAAYY =) Taco Bell on a drunken ioncareaboutmydiet type of night lol

Ginger Clark says:

No I have no problem returning stuff. Yes you should do a vlog sale! I would love to see maybe some bracelets, or shoes.🙃 My fav fast food would have to be Taco Bell and Burger King.So good to see you back to yourself again.💜

408california408 says:

I’m soooooo craving Taco Bell now!!😂😂😂 it’s not easy to pick just one!! But yes Taco Bell is so good!! You are the sweetest!! I’m so happy you are looking and doing amazing!!❤️

crystal fredeluces says:

Bags, wallets and jewelry!

Shannon Neil says:

Where do your store all your purses maybe can do a purse organization vlog

Qwerty Qwert says:

Why are mukbangs so popular. I hate watching ppl eat and talk wtf. Love dee tho 😍

Donna Colbert says:

I am so happy that you feel better, Also you look great..

Sweetestdrug Foryou says:

Assumptions?? Hmmmm I think you used to be very insecure about your looks. Won't be surprised if you are still. You buy unnecessary items just so you can compete with other YouTubers or just for the sake of making a video. You hate being judged by your looks and being the center of attention. Yet you love all the attention that you get deep inside.. I think you are street smart, not so book smart. Right?

FREDDY fredbear says:

is asmr yes yes a like you😘😘😀

Lucy Garcia says:

Love ur videos. Ur awsome.. Mayb
-handbags,-jewelry… But Watever u put out it will b awsome
Much 💗 frm Texas

KatyMarie📷 says:

My mom hates returning things, I don’t mind returning things

itsjammin says:

Aww dee, you’re glowing! I’m so happy you’re doing better. <3

billiejo pierson says:

I’m glad you feel better and by the way I love your bag ..

Aisha Joye says:

Me too I hate returning things!!! Dee put some good handbags up!

bariyang sona says:

I've been craving for tacos! I wish I loved school as much as you do…lol

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