Asians Go Blonde

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“Bye black hair!”

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Made by BFMP
Claire Lee
Tiffany Lee
Celebrity Hairstylist & Make Up Artist
Jessica Torres
Color Assistant

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Regina George says:


Al Liu says:

YES please!!

aquarius gal says:

but like it's a grayish blonde and i love it

Susanna says:

JDJDJDJ i remembers watching this video when it first came out, not knowing anything about kpop. i come back to this video 2 years later and KDSJKLFJALSK THAT GUY IS LITERALLY JYP.

2Fat4FlyTrash YT says:

1:45 hes white haired lol

Vale Sole says:

asians couldn't look "natural" with blonde hair

Jerome Productions says:

Wow they look good

Christine Le says:

being an asian myself, i would know that OUR HAIR SUCKS! i mean…. not completly. we have very shiny, silky, and smooth hair. but styling it is hard. when you tie your hair for like 2 seconds, take it off, it sticks up!!! it is very annoying and annoying. i just wish i could have white hair…………. wait, lemme rephrase that. i wish i had white people hair. IT IS LITTERALLY PERFECT!!!!! you tie it, it doesnt poof up. you dont look goth straight out of the womb (bc of your hair). and yes my profil pic is a fortnite meme. cuz why not.

if you made it this far… YOU WON YOUR OWN 2018 HONDA ODDESY MINI VANNNN!!! JK but i hope you have a great day.

alicemarie says:

The blonde was really patchy and looked more grey/purple to me … Rip

karan pkatarki says:

i prefer her natural.why asian love to color their hair.

Walkinginto2015 says:

The dude looked like an old guy afterwards

Project187 says:



I’m Amelia says:

Every asian ever knows the struggle of having super dark hair and failing to lighten it

Kata The Ripper says:

What color is BLONDE???

Marthe Derwael says:

the hair stylist looks like hwasa from mama moo

CaliforniaGirl49 says:

Blondes go Asian

Lahari Amirisetti says:

U call that blond?

Scarlet Ash says:

Some K-pop idols looks hella good with blonde hair! Taeyeon, Hyolyn, Mark from GOT7, any of the EXO or BTS guys are just some examples of great Asian blondes!

Cha The-Uni says:

All look great with and without blonde hair!

Lil Cactus says:

It’s like the hair is grey like if u agree

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