Arne Jacobsen

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This video takes a retrospective look at one of our time’s most influential furniture architects – Arne Jacobsen.

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Salcau Sergiu says:

i don’t know THE NAME OF THE SONG DAWG, i just saved it like it’s titled here. i have no idea who’s is it…

YoungDigory says:

So WHAT IS IT?? The rest of us want to know!

Mylar Balloon says:

Skol-Sundström AB is better…

Salcau Sergiu says:

i have it on my pc. leave an email and i ll send it to you. it’s an amazing piece, i love it, i used it myself

Veraux says:

It is pissing me off that I can’t find the name of this song, please be kind enough to tell us what it is!

DoReMiForever says:

Arne Jacobsen sucks!
Skol-Sundström AB rules!

hoggaminni says:

What is the name of the song?

TheGermanBroadcast says:

Lol im famouse!!

Sim Goodwin says:

Thanks! I’m planning on studying furniture design in the UK, and I’m fascinated by his works, I hope one day I will be great like him.

Sim Goodwin says:

How do you pronounce his name?

JosefineBabe says:

Do anyone know, who has made this play? And what it’s called? thanks 🙂

moretimaura says:

An Architect I admire in all senses and a good résumé of the best 20th. centurie’s Architecture. thank you!!!

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