Apple Watch Hermès double tour unboxing and hands-on!

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Double tour means the band wraps twice around the wrist. The result is something that looks both classic and out of the ordinary. Apple Watch Hermès, a partnership between the Cupertino technology and Paris fashion, offers the double tour for the 38mm casing in Fauve (brown), Etain (gray), Capucine (red), and Bleu Jean (blue). It, along with the single tour and cuff, launched today around the world. And we have it for you right here!

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Byte Review says:

Love that double wrap design of the hermes line, so cool! Also, loving the accent :D!

william pech says:

Excellent voice over!

surgeyX says:

It's prounced air-mezz not air-mayz

Roanne May Creer says:

Nothing beats BLOCKS modular smartwatch for its advanced features and full customization. Recently launched on Kickstarter.

omoshitanoshi says:

Am I the only that can't stand the way how she pronounce the brand name Hermes? OMG!!!!!

thechardy says:

"Unwinds to reveal its full majestic length" ???

dixy pixy says:

took me sometime to realise 'her-maze' was hermes

Katherine Hillebrand says:

Are the coordinating orange bags available at the Apple stores or just at the Hermes stores?

SL//Studio says:

her voice remind me of narrator from forza motorsport 6 .

Creative Reviews says:

That box is ready for Halloween

Empowercutter says:

Thanks for the review, was already looking for some impressions on the new collection of Apple Watch bands

Empowercutter says:

Serenity your voice over sounds great!

davidjewels says:

The Double Tour is just a bit too much. The cuff looks like some S&M accessory, Although it might protect the watch from scratches to the sides. Less is more so the Single Tour might be the best choice.

TurboPikachuX says:

Double Tour is ugly as all hell…  Single Tour looks decent, and Cuff seems like it would attract a male demographic.  But I'm not into four-figure fashion.  I am a geek who bought an Apple Watch for the juicy micro-computer it is.  I chose the 42mm Space Gray Apple Watch Sport w/ fluoroelastomer band ($400), and will get a cheaper 3rd-party steel link bracelet ($50 – $80 instead of $450) for whenever I've got a formal event planned.I understand the purpose of jewelry, but I just don't feel what others feel when they possess such things. My satisfaction with the Watch comes from the apps, notifications, and functionality.

Daquan Jr. says:

Americans trying to sound sophisticated… Oh my. I hope you understand it's still an Apple Watch, not a Patek.

Jimmy Rittenborg says:

Wow, I loved that voice over! ? just looked through some bad comments on it though – i give a fart, I might have a product that could use this great voice ??

danbh84 says:

Yeah u suck at narrating lol

wendlerkurt says:

I don't understand the point of the double tour

Snowmation says:

Its pretty cool, but a bit too much money for what you're getting.

95chanz says:

It's "doo-bla" with mouth only slightly open at the "bla", not "double" as in double in English.

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