Anthony Vaccarello X Versus Versace Fashion Show

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Anthony Vaccarello’s capsule collection for #VersusVersace is a provocative and rebellious statement. For women, panels of octagon cutout leather reveal the body beneath in long draped dresses. For men, there’s also sharp tailoring in black for a sleek look. Watch the fashion show and wear it now: #VaccarelloXVersus #Versace

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TheShorec says:

first track is: Groove Armada – call me (dub)

Eduardo Garcia says:

Model ? 0:48 ? 

Gweynn5 says:

Luv luv luv….a rebirth of the gianni's signature touch. Great job!

Matt Pelski says:

Are they all walking around the room looking for food?


MUDANZAS RVG INTERNACIONAL. Mudanzas.Transporte de muebles. (

acechandlerac says:

song please?

Glenn Ramglez says:

Versace Anthony Vaccarello X Versus Versace Fashion Show.

Darla Seganti says:

Anthony Vaccarello X Versus Versace Fashion Show ….


anyone know the name of the song?please

vissi87 says:

Name of the music anyone? Shazam and Soundcloud are bloody hopeless

Martin Gustafsson says:


MrDeximo says:

AWESOME show! Lots of wearable pieces! GREAT JOB!!!

TheShorec says:

what the songs?

willichirazz says:

this isnt de real soundtrack :(

Ashlee Choi says:

Man I wish I was rich

drakula1975 says:

Please anyone know the name of the song? 

botondkaa says:

youthful and elegant

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