Anna Wintour On the Best Moments of Milan Fashion Week | Vogue

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In this video, Vogue’s editor in chief Anna Wintour is sharing her favorite moments from Milan’s Fall 2018 shows.

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Anna Wintour On the Best Moments of Milan Fashion Week | Vogue

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deecakes says:

"APPARENTLY Stefano and Dominico" lol i see what you did there Anna…

Bella Fallaaa says:

Missoni <3

Luan Cabral says:

I love you Anna Wintour 💘

ozioma says:

Is she like a designer? A rich person? I what a lot about her but who IS she??

Lyla Faith says:

73 questions with Camila Cabello???

landdead26 says:

I learn more in 3 minutes with Anna than 8 hours at school with 6 teachers.

pink pineapple says:

I love how articulate Anna Wintour is- she really get across what the designers are trying to portray in their shows.

Emmanuel Garcia says:

Is the comment re power suits a diss on Jeremy?

The Fashion Archive says:

Anna the legend

La Chic says:

I forgot to put on my sunglass to watch this video.

bring it on says:

I love those videos ! I share so many of her opinions ! It all sounds so exciting !
Miuccia asks the right question : how do you empower through clothes while maintaining their feminity ?

Tony C says:

What a legend!

Sylla Atlas says:

Anna is if not the most skilled fashion expert of our era.

My ways to Nirvana says:


Dont read my picture says:

👑👑 Don't Look At My Name 👑👑

purix Xxx says:

LOL Are these real humans ?

Sue Shi says:

These clothes costs probably a few thousands, and none of them I would wear, even not for free! 😀

JohnLuisMovies says:

…beautiful….. 👍+1 thank you for sharing
I ring your Bell for more

Happy Day …………. Vogue

Emily Lovell says:

I love fashion but can afford the stuff the models wear

Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

73 questions with Camila cabello ?????

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