Andrej Pejic Catwalk at Gaultier Couture Show

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Andrej Pejic´s Catwaltk as the bride of the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring 2011 Fashion Show

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Show is own and licensed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Own Nothing. No Profit made. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
Musical Composition is own and licensed by WMG, UMG and The Publisher. Own Nothing. No Profit made. For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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Fernando Quinde says:

Classic and elegant wowowowowo !!!

illuminis x says:

He's hotter than all the bitches there

Hannah Alessandra Pascua says:

he kinda looks like CHarlize Theron in snow white and the huntsman…….. either way he's breath taking <3

Emira Jaddil says:

andrej is amazing. beautiful heavenly creature :DDD

SomethingCameUp says:

Its kinda sad how Andrej has more hips than most of the models here.

Pretty Zahra says:

Hello Viewers in The World..!!! Please Watch and Listen A Song Lyric Video Where Unique and Funny "ABANG JANGAN DITENDANG" by A Beautiful Boy Likes ANDREJ PEJIC from Indonesia Can Singing With Two Voices Different. Don't Forget See it NOW!! So Be Happy Fun and Laugh 😀 Thanks so much

Cookiebulle says:

Which made the French Cancan.

Lekho Chan says:

i dont know about the song, but the music/rhythm is classic..
Orpheus In The Underworld: Infernal Galop

tyler arrow says:

No you can't. Andrej is tucked, it's not just hanging there sweetheart.

piranai says:

it's a man. I think if you look closely you can even see his manpart jigling from side to side…

MrIceT1993 says:

Rihanna*, and no she didn't

Bogar Vera says:

What is the song with which parades Andrej?

prexadytepic says:

Wow, totally hot. I would tear that ass.

addwantedparadise says:

That dress is hard to walk on. I consider her a girl. She brought fierceness on a new level.

Andy Seven says:

How pissed could those models be that Pejic grabbed the top spot in the show? Pretty funny.

shannonthemerman says:

no the dress was falling of the runway so he grabbed it and moved it back , i thought he allmost fell too

Merfiz Aziz says:

he almost fell >:O!

MissLamourFou says:


CH says:

Like a dame.

Alex Cázares says:

Every Now & Then I Have To Remind Me That It's A Men

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