And Now For Something Completely Different – Alexander McQueen, Edgy Haute Couture Designer

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Although I am not a particularly follower of haute couture, I could not but be captivated by the haute couture design of Alexander McQueen. Somewhat like that of Vivienne Westwood.

This collection particularly appealed to me and so I though this upload of something completely different was necessary.

Enjoy – if you dare!

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Masha. S says:

Thanks for this very intriguing video ..I loved it ..
Wish you a great Easter ,,,

Stephanie Cruvant says:

Total imagination!  So 60's.. & I suspect at times he was poking fun .. off the hook, hard to stretch out with a good book… ;-D

Bnesque says:

Please upload Flying Circus first!

Sima Raft says:

of shades of Dior in the 50s and YSL in the 60s? The drum sounds like the Persian donbak. Interesting soundtrack.

Sima Raft says:

Very nice indeed. Kind

jhagen22 says:

That is so cool!  I've watched a few times already and will again after writing this.  By the way, what's the music?

Penthesilea says:

Something for you, a different direction — these gowns melt my heart:

Valentino Couture Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Couture Fashion Week | FashionTV

Penthesilea says:

Spectacular! Haute Couture is fine art. I have never had a desire to wear it or own it, but beautiful fires my heart in the same way as beautiful jewels and flowers and sunsets

AL45757 says:

Wild and wonderful.  Thanks for the fun.

pediatrapaola says:

ideal and suitable for any informal occasion LOL

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