An exceptional Christmas by Dior

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enbutterfly says:

wow magical & beautiful
I wish I was at this place *_*

Brooklyn Milany says:

Nimue!~ Perfect choice my Dior. I believe everything in this story so please, let Ms Natalile go away forever for good shake, because I think you have found another true Lady for Dior.

LiveLoveSparkle0 says:

I want to go to Wondiorland….please?

Андрей Лукьянов says:


Rogue849 says:

Is that Versailles?

AdrianWMC says:

very beautiful, all are my favourite

Musicvevo96 says:

is this Nimue Smit??

Njoudii Oudii says:

Alice in Diorland

Leeds Thomas says:

always perfect

Jessica Meyer says:

Absolutely stunning and beautiful commercial…..<3

rawmarkable says:

beautiful nimue ♥

gianna victoria says:

i dream of the lady dior bag!

Fraish LD says:

Total in love *_____*

Kjadija Kassa says:


2402xbv says:


Ina S says:


Vicky Mittal says:

Wicked I like it a lot. I wish we had locations like that to shoot where I live

Mary Pronina says:

Massive Atack – Paradise Circus (вроде Gui Boratto Remix)

allison danae says:

OH MY DIOR!! *-*

Lucy Baigorria says:

The commercials of Dior are the best!!! ♥

Кристина Соколова says:

What a beautiful song is this?

Anshisunshine says:

Such a beautiful master piece J’adore!

sakietcatty says:

tres beau.

louis meme says:

A dream – special mention to the giant médaillon chair

InterHaydn says:


Marina Diamandis says:


longisthenight says:

Nimue is such a gorgeous modern nymph…

Regis Ibarra says:

Wow! I was just listening to this song three hours ago and now I’m listening to it again! It’s a fitting choice for such a beautiful video.

MusiqueDePubs says:

“Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack

samats5 says:

Dior is beautiful, amazing and will always be the best house!

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