American Makeup v. Korean Makeup

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Beauty Is International

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Yoongi’s Swaeg says:

American make up is more bold and dramatic, korean makeup is very subtle and soft.

Sarah Wang says:

The Korean type looks more approachable than the American type makeup.

Olivia Muscat says:

that's #not full contouring that's #half

Dede Yoki says:

by the way does someone know her instagram?? she is soo georgous o ma gad

I LOVE BTS says:

I like korean makeup better, because its not as crazy and dark as American makeup, the korean makeup makes you look younger, cute, and very innocent and its very light! ❤

Dorothy Emalia says:

I dont know why but korean cuz she look more younger then before america give her erotic face she look more sexy

yes says:

omg the makeup artist shouldve put some powder after

Layla Katsuki says:

Korean makeup rules! And the girl too! ♥

Espresso Yourself says:

I don’t think Korean makeup would work out for me😂😂

Nikolarea Nikolina says:

YB looks so different


I love the korean side.It is such a beautiful and natural way to put on make up

Aleza PdRB says:

I feel like the american style is meant to be sexier and make you look older and the korean style is to make you look younger and more cute.

summ says:

미국 쪽은 화장전보다 5살 많아보이고 한국쪽은 5살 적어보임 그래서 양쪽이 10살은 차이나보임 ㅋㅋㅋ

Codey Martin says:

Yb 😘 I see youuu

Pastel_Wolf_Gamer xox says:

Why does the American side remind me of CL?! (kpop fans people will understand)

The GaySkittlay69 says:

Korean is more of a natural look and not trying too hard to impress others. The model is beautiful either way 😍😍

Stephistaecated says:

American makeup makes her face sunken

Stephistaecated says:

Tbh I think asian makeup looks better on her.

PewPew says:

Fierce vs. girl next door. Both look great.

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