American Crime Story, Versace 2×02- Donatella attends the Versace Fashion Show (HQ)

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American Crime Story, Versace 2×02- Donatella attends the Versace Fashion Show (HQ)

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Penelope is really ICONIC mimicking Donatella's voice… I Mean WOW

Omara Oliver says:

Blimey Pe butchered that Italian accent. Sing, Penelope, sing!

Dioné De ridder says:

So deep and inspiring

aleksandra83mercury says:

So, they were arguing all the time?

Alexei Romanov says:

Edgar Ramirez & Penelope Cruz are superb. I can't wait for the next episode.

Betlejuice1 says:

Se le escucha lo venezolanisimo xd

Meraxes Targaryen says:

Song of the runway :
The lightning seeds – You showed me

Bunga Bunga says:

omg penelope… give her a god damn award!

Mar Co says:

by all due respect of these amazing actors that I love … and especially Penelope Cruz in all the Almodovar films, I must point out that the Italian gemination (pronunciation of double consontants such as LL, BB, TT, NN that are ubiquitous in Italian language) is trickier than one might think: Gianni calls her "Dona-tela", but the correct pronunciation is Dona-teLLa. The double-L in Italian is strongly pronounced. The same when Donatella says "Galliano". It's pronounced "gall-iano" not "gal-iano". It's Gia-NNi, not Gia-Ni. But these are minor details that are only noticed by Italian speakers or linguists 🙂 Another typical example is the pronunciation of "Gabbana": It's GaBBana" with emphasis on "BB", not "Gabana" … 🙂 Anyways, this is a perfect performance by all actors!

mary says:

this guys accent is messing with my man he switches it between american english and italian all the time

xu tianci says:

OMG her Accent so fuckin amazing..

Jakcao Omah says:

I hate that accent.

Cynthia Borges says:

Nobody believes that they used to speak English between each other 😒

joel vasquez villanueva says:

Penelope cruz perfection! She looses in this character

Ty Choi says:

Wow her accent is perfect

Lester Ordinado says:

didnt k ow gianni was filipino. he sounds like ome

Giuliana Saravia says:

"Life is special; life is precious" –you have to admit that is a good way to see life. And feel motivated

da96103 says:

So who is right? Romanticized idealistic Gianni or Business-minded Donatella.

Max Ramirez says:

Hope Penelope wear Versace to all her awards accepting speeches!!!!!

luismemeses says:

edgar ramirez el mejor de la escena sin duda

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