Ambre Narguile Review Hermes Paris. **Best In Class**

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My take on Jean Claude Elena’s gourmand Ambre Narguile from the Hermessence line. My very first review. Please comment but go easy on me!

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darkhero101010 says:

Hermes Boutiques, Hermes Site

tombarber21 says:

Wow. Thanks so much for the compliment. Yup, Ambre Narguile was my very first

onepotatohot says:

Your first review? God, you’re good. You make my day. Thanks Tom!

8989adis says:

where did you buy it ?? any link

tombarber21 says:

So glad you like it. Its funny because I don’t like amber that much either but this one I’m crazy about. I wore it the other day. Some say they have issues with longevity but it lasted all day on me the other day. Ive actually never tried Portugal but I’m sure I’ll run across a sample at some point and will definitely review it when I do. To see some amazing videos on someone with a ton of knowledge on creed: TheSmellworthyReport on youtube

Patti Dee says:

Hey Tom – i rec’d my Ambre Narguille sample in the mail today and all I can say is I LOVE IT! Yes, that was a scream, lol. My signature scent for the past several years has been Coco Mademoiselle, but this beats it. I also am not a big fab of amber scents, but this is unique and just gorgeous. Would love to smell it on my husband, but don’t want to part with a single drop of it. This is on my birthday list. My husband wears Creed – Portugal. Would you consider doing a review of it? Tx.

tombarber21 says:

Please let me know what you think when you get it. Another one that I find comparable and also wonderful is Sushi Imperiale by Bois 1920

Patti Dee says:

Yay, i ordered a sample from Hermes and they are sending it out this week. Tx!

Luis Torres says:

men, i want so much to smell this

tombarber21 says:

Absolutely! Almost all of the Hermessence are unisex

Patti Dee says:

Great review! Do you recommend this for women as well?

tombarber21 says:

Thank you so much!

Phillip Delgado says:

Really good review, you hit the nail on the head on the description of the rolls royce, the cadillac of all fragrances. good job subscription.

tombarber21 says:

Thanks so much or th kind words Sahbomnim

Dan Mish says:

I would have been the first comment but I watched this on my phone last night and didn’t feel like typing on my phone. Just figures I’d wait til today to comment 🙂 – Wow, taking on Ambre Narguile as your first review! Awesome! One of my favorite frags. JCE has created my favorite frag which is vetiver tonka. Great review man!

tombarber21 says:

@razscott- thanks man, it’s a great scent.

gus gus says:

Nice review hope to see more

razscott says:

Cracking first review man!! What a first frag to do, amazing, this has to be one of my fave smelling frags ever, i only have a sample as a full bottle is way out of my price range at the minute. Cheers!!

tombarber21 says:

@danforz -thanks so much. Look forward to seeing more from you

danforz says:

Firstly, thank you 🙂 Secondly, I do appreciate you’re style… It has a slightly more cerebral touch, which I definitely appreciate it. I also see you haven’t yet coordinated where to hold the bottle in respect to the camera… I feel your pain 😉 I’ve never personally smelled this scent myself, or at least I can’t remember it, but that said, did listen to the review all the way through and enjoy it. Keep it up!

tombarber21 says:

@FragranceBros-thanks guys. You guys first impression on this scent is what convinced me to buy it.

FragranceBros says:

fantastic first review! hope to see more! Ambre Narguile is the bees knees! 😀

tombarber21 says:

@MikeNY911. – thanks so much. Look forward to doing more!

MikeNY911 says:

Great video, Tom! Looking forward to seeing more from you.

PrisonerInGlass says:

I don’t know what’s going on with this one but you used to be able to get it online.. I just got mine a few weeks ago with no problems… weird.

tombarber21 says:

@PrisonerInGlass – Thanks for watching…and for my second ever comment!

PrisonerInGlass says:

Hey buddy! Welcome to the community! Subbed!

tombarber21 says:

@Faheem – thanks man

faheem phaati says:

good review bruv

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