Allure Homme by Chanel | Fragrance Review

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Notes: 01:52 Rating: 06:44.

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dublinandy says:

Did you ever get your hole
wearing this?

George Washington says:

God bless you bro! I really appreciate your videos and your knowledge.
Quick question for you do you think that fragrancenet is a legit place to
purchase my fragrances from?. I really want to buy a few bonds and creeds
fragrancenet is way cheaper than Saks. What is your honest opinion? Thanks
in advance I just don’t want to play myself I hear so many horror stories
about fake fragrances.

MrMelonMan96 says:

You missed a lot of the notes – ginger, pepper, and especially coconut are
prominent notes in this scent. The vanilla/coconut in the dry down is what
I love most about it! Have a look on Fragrantica if you don’t believe me.

saeidhakimi says:

Closest to this one is Frank no 2.

Theo Hyxe says:

Hi man, excellent reviews but I’m still undecided between this fragrance
and L’Homme from YSL.
I saw you rated both 8. Which one would you pick if you had to choose ?
Thanks 🙂 

vrstovsek says:

Excellent scent. I have it, and its wonderful. A true classic. I did’t like
it as much at first, but every day its better and better. And yes, i too
would like this scent to last all day… Great review

df393 says:

I don’t like using the word overrated, but I personally don’t see what’s so
special about this fragrance. I tried it on my skin on numerous occasions
to try and see what people like about it, but it still smelled like typical
floral cologne to me.

PhantomPrinceXIII says:

Ah. Channel Allure Homme. Lemony Cream and Warm Woody Wonderment. With a
nice base of Tonka/Vanilla to round it all together. One of my all time
favorites. Been waiting for this one; great review, Cody.

motogoria k says:

Hey doc,smooth review as always..I’d want to get in touch with you via mail
to discuss a few frag related issues here in the Africa.I lived in Europe
for some time and I see and hear unique stuff about your reviews.How can I
get in touch for a flawless chat?mail, facebook? 

CreedFragz34 says:

Love this frag Cody. Great review as always. 

FancyPantsStyle says:

sotd bond no 9 central park south

natky2 says:

i simply love this one. would love to smell it on men. a classic imo. and
on my skin this one lasts 12-16 hours.

Rick Scrivener says:

I did not like this fragrance. I thought it was boring and way too powdery
for my taste. I much prefer the YSL and Hugo Boss fragrances you

root9065 says:

Great fragrance. Me and Allure Homme go way back. I prefer the Sport now.
Cleaner, Crisper, Sexier. Thanks for the review Cody!

MrVernon437 says:

This is a classic! Always will be. Works in most situations. Lovely frag!
Great review bro!

Joe Anthony says:

Gotta add this…great take bro

Geraldo Neto says:

This is the best Allure scent… Jacques Polge was very inspired when he
created it!

dominic cormier says:

I think we need to create i new league for chanel, hermes, and guerlain
because they dont fit the designer or the niche description

Greggieboy76 says:

Excellent Frag, excellent review (as always) Cheers Cody!

attuso20 says:

Great review. Love this juice, ill probably always have a bottle in my

Starrchild65 says:

Right on Cody. I dig this one.

A$AP Julian says:

You should make a review for mont blanc individuel! That would be great
thanks 🙂 

boulespuantes says:

Chanel house is my favorite. I think it is best to just buy from macys or
sephora you wont really catch a deal on this

silentrich11 says:

I get piss poor longevity with this one also. Very over rated.

Alejandro Esquivel says:

Ps. Perry Ellis M, same scent. fraction of the price and last longer for
me. No brainer

James Baird says:

SOTD Tommy

jechero4e1 says:

SOTD: Jubilation XXV by The house of Amouage….Peace

Alejandro Esquivel says:

Good scent, did not last on me.

jechero4e1 says:

This frag gave has the same vibe as Vintage Calvin Klein Eternity very
similar : The flanker CAEB is thee king in this allure line …point

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