Alexis Mabille | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive Video

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Alexis Mabille| Fall Winter 2014/2015 by Alexis Mabille | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Widescreen — Exclusive Video/PFW)

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mrblf652 says:

This is how young girls want to dress.

Irkajavasdream says:

I can't delete my comment on ipad, but I didn't mean that for this show. I was only crazy about the green dress with hoodie cape and a couple of the sheer ones at the end with black bead work. What a letdown! I liked the asymmetrical pieces, the black ones at the end, but I got tired of seeing that one piece of fabric that hung down, out the back etc… I didn't know if he is supposed to be though I didn't care for it. A bit of grunge? Hmmmm

Irkajavasdream says:

Wonderful, light. Thank you for the vid!

Alice Darque says:

Beautifully rock and roll!

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