“Agnus Dei” (“Niewinne”) – making of

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“Agnus Dei” (“Niewinne”, “Les Innocentes”) by Anne Fontaine was shot in Poland in Spring 2015.

The filming has begun in mid-January in Orneta, Northeast Poland. St. Mary Sanctuary in the nearby Krosno has been adapted for the needs of the film. After meticulous set design works, the building of the old train station in Orneta has portrayed the hospital of the French Red Cross from 70 years before. The set designer is Joanna Macha and Katarzyna Lewińska is the costumes designer.

“Agnus Dei” is a co-production of Mandarin Cinema, Aeroplan Film (Poland), Mars Films, France 2 Cinema and Scope Pictures (Belgium) with the support of the Polish Film Institute and Film Commission Poland.

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spiltsoymilk says:

English subtitles would be very welcome. 🙂

singing4hope says:

The English name for the movie is "The Innocents" is it?

Jane Farrer says:

Would anybody be so kind to let me know where and how I can find and watch this film..thank you…

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