African Auntie Makeapps (up) Tutorial! | Afehyia Pa!! | Chanel Boateng

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Afehyia Pa means Happy New Year (Or Good Year), it is a greeting shared in the Holiday season particularly New Years and Christmas Day in my Mothers language Twi from the West African Country…

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Chanel Boateng says:

Check description box for music loves!!!

beautybyjj says:

I say Cynthia you don’t have Uzband…loool i died Happy New Year Chanel! 

Chanel Boateng says:

The comments on the video are even more funnier than the video!! Loool, you
guys are awesome, I have the best subscribers, I will respond tomorrow…
Goooodnight gellllz! 

Stahr Milan says:

The Stahr Milan Way LMFAOOOOOO

Nessa Dee says:

LMAOOO! When you were applying the foundation , it reminded me of when my
mum used to cream my skin. Proper hard! eyebrows literally on fleek
loool. GREAT VID. The gospel music in the background is killing me!! 

Melanie Brown says:

Your African Aunty is obviously related to my Caribbean Aunty.:-))

goldcoastdebuty says:

“Cyn – Thia, Kraa you dont even have HUUS-band!!
Maame!! Afehyia Paa ooo!!
OMD!! Chanel!!! My life is made!!
I love it when you speak Twiii!!! Honestly!! You are such a Joker!! “people
using brushes and sponges”!! oooo Awrade
Dass-sit!!! Honneeeyy!!! eb3 Poppi!
OOO Chanel wa ma m3 a Sreee Saaa!! They will be Hating on you too much
God Bless you well well wae!!

MrsHoran1467 says:

The sad thing is I have an Aunty just like this

Isis Atum Re says:

Looooooooool that red eyebrow pencil is tooo accurate

Selbi zamanı says:

You make me laugh girl 🙂 ; the funniest tutorial video ever ! 

Shika Kalevor says:

Patricia Brights video was very similar! Both hilarious!!!!!!

Nana Gyasi says:

lets not forget the infamous magic lipstick that goes on looking as
chapsticks but comes out an obnoxious red colour lol and talcom powder
instead of foundation lol

lizlizlive says:

LOOOOOOOOOOOL Ama Chanel. I can not! 

trufena asuma says:

Lmaooo you dont even have husband lmaooo i’m dead

OohLaLaHolly says:

so funny, but u actually looked really pretty!

Sylan Beauty says:

Tcheeeeeeeiiiiii!!!! You had me rolling…thank you for making us laugh and
Happy New Year to you and your family:) xoxo

Peacie N says:

This had me dying !!!! Love it 

TheUpgradeables says:

Chanel this was too funny. I made my grandma watch this and she was

Tracy BKuffour says:

EEEIIISSHHH “ACCENTUATE!” Brofu na wo ka ni saaaaa, aunty Mabel won yeh
easy kraaaaaa!!!!

Mz Yems says:

Hahahahaha ️haha! Oh m giddy aunt !!

Ana B says:

I saw the thumbnail and already knew what this video was about before even
reading the title! Lmaoo this video is hilarious 

MremboOne says:

THIS WAS HILARIOUS!!! Thank you for this comic relief! Please do more of
these videos.

stylishnene says:

Roflmao at “pe”

Marty_McFli says:

I cant even deal right LMAO…. my heart is sooo weak AAAAYYYEEEE!!!!!

Vanitiesacid says:

What! This auntie is related to some eastern african aunties! The purple
brows!!! This is so accurate! The liner. I die! Happy new year! 

blipster says:

‘you don’t have husband!’ omg i laughed so hard watching this, thank you so
much for making this video.

midnightkitsume says:

I have laughed until I cried.:-) That was amazing who knew we all have an
aunt, auntie, or abuela(my grandmother was spainish and Cuban. She also was
a beautian and had her own hair salon in the 50’s-70’s in Florida)who made
all the make up mistakes. But when they would ask you “how do I look”? You
would always say beautiful! I know because if I didn’t my back side would
be in serious danger. My Abuela would not leave the house to take the trash
out without her eyebrows. When I mean eyebrows, I mean she had none! She
plucked then bald so she then penciled them with a horrid Revlon brown that
was ashy and did not look like it belonged on her face. But oh god the
house could be on fire but she didn’t care. Fire or no fire, no eyebrows,
no leaving the house! Also she wore blue eyeliner! This was common amongst
the Hispanic community. Now imagine all of that with a tourqouise beehive!
To match the color of her car in the 50’s. A ford with the real sharp shark
fins and the cone shaped red tail lights. Maybe the teal hair matching the
car was OK in the 50’s. My mother has PTSD from being the only Latin child
in school and my Abuela dropping her off looking like that. I guess I was
lucky it was the 80’s when I was old enough to start remembering. And we
all know everything/everyone looked like a freak show in the 1980’s!!!
Thank you for making me laugh and remember happy forgotten memories of a
woman I idolized and now miss greatly.
Happy New Year to you and yours!! 🙂 

Breeze Martin says:

HAHAH OMG IM DONE i love this 

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