Adrien Sahores @ Alexis Mabille Backstage – Paris Men’s Fashion Week Spring 2012 | FashionTV – FTV

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Close PARIS – Perhaps it was the striptease heard round the world. But before the magic happened at the Alexis Mabille show for Spring/Summer 2012 at Paris Fashion Week, the male models were getting ready backstage for their underwear collection debuts. Their hair is slicked and their abs are defined, but for these hunks its strictly business! Adrien Sahores, William Eustace and other studs get the last word on where to walk from the stage manager. Francis Lachowski does a little skip on stage in his spare time. Ironically, the men wear Calvin Klein and Diesel briefs as they wait for their Alexis Mabille collection. Men parading around in their underwear never looked so good! Models like Felix Badman say hello.

Models: Adrien Sahores, William Eustace, Francis Lachowski, Felix Badman

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Phillip Simpson says:

Who is this… at 2:37, please??

teri chong says:

1:35 can i have her job please

Betty Fullerton says:

wow softcore

Karina m says:

00:54 please somebody tell me his name until i die

mammasdod11 says:

god bless

Mini Mikha says:

Oh wow. I can't.

prixmgify says:

I think I <3 Adrien and Francisco…BTW what´s the name of the song?

chico trak says:

wuuuuuuuujjj omg wuuuuuuuuuu

minggable says:

Who's 5.31 ?

raiin238 says:

best backstage video ever

ben moktan says:

Yes it is our show men

Lina D. says:

i wish i had her job at 1:32

Calli cat says:

i feel like im watching porn

ivanito61 says:

4:19 that ass

PerrrsianCat says:

so many beautiful people in one video


Aaron Gonzalez says:

Whose the model in 1:45? he is wearing the fcuk boxer

rewin villaroel says:

whose the male model in 0:44 wearing the white shirt?

Patricia Sotto says:

AND ADRIEN… make me want to quit life

Patricia Sotto says:

Who's the hottie at 0:30?

koolchikadee94 says:

Lachowski and Sahores are all that i really need.. UNF.

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