Adore – Official Trailer (HD) Naomi Watts, Robin Wright

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Close – “Adore” – Official Trailer

Naomi Watts and Robin Wright deliver riveting performances in ADORE, a sensual and provocative drama about two lifelong friends who find unexpected happiness in relationships that cross the bounds of convention. An unpredictable tale of misguided love and a heartfelt celebration of the enduring nature of female friendship, ADORE is the English-speaking directorial debut of Anne Fontaine. Set in an Australian seaside town, ADORE establishes an aura of fable as it follows two women’s plunge into uncharted waters. Watts and Wright fearlessly engage with the physical and psychological components of the story, capturing the complex emotions and powerful desires driving their characters. Strong performances from Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville complement Watts and Wright. ADORE radiates with intoxicating sensuality while exploring the intricacies of love, family, morality and passion.

Director: Anne Fontaine

Cast: Naomi Watts, Robin Wright, Xavier Samuel, James Frechevile, Ben Mendelsohn

Writers: Christopher Hampton

In theaters: September 6th, 2013

Copyright © 2013 Exclusive Media

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Kendra Jones says:

I enjoyed this film.

Eva Konca says:

ugh this movie is so amazing!

ridwan sani says:

just about two milfs and two motherfuckers…

dani neiva says:

wow…just wow

Arabella L says:

I know i need therapy just from this 2 minutes

Hannah Joy says:

ahem…I thought it was hot…that's all

Marcus Willemse says:

'cos I'm a mother lover your a mother lover. They took the lonely island way to seriously

Star Jackson says:

I just finished watching this on Netflix. I love this movie and I really loved Roz and Ian's chemistry together. I like Taboo movies that go outside of what is consider the norm for society's views. I know that Tom didn't really fancy Lil in that manner of being in love with her, he just wanted to get back at Ian for catching him in the act with his own mother. But than he started to develop feelings for Lil. I just loved Ian though he was so quick witted and just blunt. It hurt that he and Roz couldn't still be together when both parties deiced to end their affairs. I just really enjoyed this movie the characters and musical scores were just perfect.

janiah fairburn says:

This movie was really thought provoking for me, it kinda opened my eyes and i saw a different perspective of those who date younger guys, this movie was really good and had amazing acting, scenery, and music its a shame this movie didn't do so great at the box office, i havent seen a movie with this plot before I'm sure there is one though, but many teens have fantasy with older woman and many woman want to have a younger guy/ and are also scared of getting old.

Lee Jet says:

Xavier Samuel Fuck Robin Wright.
James Frecheville Fuck Naomi Watts and Jessica Tovey.

Arnold Snowball says:

This reminded me of that Lonely Island Song called Mother Lover hahahaha.

Emmanuel QA says:

i need a psychiatrist

Jazmone Williams says:

YOO, go watch this movie it's crazy.

A Rodge says:

just saw this movie for the first time !!this movie was great.aside from the fantasy that could possibly happen in real life,the acting was on point and the dialogue was great !!5 stars!!!!and Robin Wright is BAD!! (meaning good) for you simpletons.

mahamad salim says:

The question is 
if each guy have a baby boy from the other's mom ,
what kind of relation do the kid's have

A ku says:

This is a loooonnggg story of Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck

tabundo001 says:

Two middle aged women sleeping with two young, muscular surfers? sounds like a chick-flick.

MyThousandYearOldWisdom WillHelpYouGrow says:

Is Naomi going to expose her beaver in this movie or what? Bcuz I aint finna watch a movie with these two bastards (literally, since I don't see either of their fathers in this trailer), who start banging eachothers moms under the palms.

Shi-ann Simms says:

Saw the movie LOVE it…but I would hate to be in that situation…I wouldn't do this to my friends and if they did to  me then they were NEVER a friend…

Abady Bin Ahmed says:

I am from middle east .. I want ask if all the men in the west have a nice and sexy bodies !? .. actually when see the movies I think like that ! and I hate my self then, cause I have skinny body ! is that real !?

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