a review of opium pour homme edp by yves saint laurent

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top notes: blackcurrent, star ansie. middle notes: galanga, sichuan pepper. base notes: tolu balsam, atlas cedar, bourbon vanilla. created by jacques cavalli…

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LucidScents says:

man, if you can somehow hunt down a bottle of the edp please do so. there’s a big difference and i think you’d really enjoy it. i got lucky with ebay plus the fragrance was still in pristine condition. i’ve actually used quite a bit of this so far cos of the wintery summer we’ve been having receently lol. so i could do with another bottle myself. if i find another stockist or ebay seller i’ll let you know.

razscott says:

wow, I need to catch up on your videos mate lol, had no idea you did this one,
I love opium, i just got a bottle recently and wear it a lot, only the edt though, I almost bought the edp a while back but now I cant find any lol.
fantastic review mate, cheers!!

mike post says:

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Serb1anArchangel says:

As far as i know this is not discontinued. Opium pour home EDP is still produced here in Europe.

CreedFragz34 says:


LucidScents says:

much appreciated mate, and if you don’t mind my saying so, you’ve amassed a very impressive collection. glad you enjoyed the video.

LucidScents says:

cheers raj, yea, this is an interesting fragrance , i’m not sure many people even know that ysl did an edp version of this (a bit like givenchy and their edp version of pi), as there’s not too much about this online. this also means that if you are able you get yourself a bottle of this you’re right now looking to pay £30-£50. hey, at least their fragrance line still carries the “yves” as for the their clothing etc..i do fear for the future of the brand, i mean, c’mon “saint laurent” wtf?

LucidScents says:

hey, that is not a noob question in the slightest. i’d take rive gauche for the daytime in the spring/summer and for the odd night out. in the cooler/winter, evening’s and special occasions/formal nights out i’d go for opium edp. so with that in mind….i love this, but to answer your question..i’d have to go with a bottle of rive gauche (especially the vintage version-which is still relatively easy to find), purely for the fact that i’d get more wear out of it.

LucidScents says:

hey, no probs mate, i’ve done the exact same thing many a time. glad you got my little dig at l’oreal at the end 😉

LucidScents says:

thank you, that’s really nice of you to say. i’m still trying to master my craft and carve out own style you know. but it’s really nice to hear that you’ve enjoyed what i’ve managed to do so far.

LucidScents says:

ahaha funny that 🙂 cheers for sticking around though mate, i appreciate it. sometimes life just gets in the way of making videos you know. let me know if you’re able to get your nose on this one.

CreedFragz34 says:

Just subscribed. Great review. Thanks for the great info.

8rk7 says:

Good review mate. This one sounds very interesting and I’ve never tried it. It’s a shame it’s been discontinued. YSL need to get their act together!

rhaybans says:

would you rather own a bottle of this or Rive Gauche? my most “noob” question is quite some time. haha.

Hyden Royce says:

…that blasted, premature ‘send’ button on the iPad! Grrr. Anyway, as I was saying, I completely agree with the comment about that obtrusive anise note in the middle. I also agree with this vying for pole posish alongside Egoïste. Aaand I agree with the barbed comment about L’Oreal. It’s so not worth it 😉

Hyden Royce says:

Really enjoy your erudite, detailed yet not belaboured reviews. Wish there were more of them. I completely

ScentSamplesUK says:

Was thinking when you might do another video only earlier Ed, how strange! Will have to get my nose on this one soon me thinks. Another great review and keep up the good work!

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