a review of fahrenheit parfum by christian dior

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release date: january 2014 perfumer: francois demachy classification: oriental spicey(?) bottle size: 75ml price: £71 fahrenheit parfum takes the place of fa…

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CreedFragz34 says:

Still want to try it. The original is a masterpiece. Thanks for the great

ManLovesCologne says:

I like this actually because I was never too much of a fan of the original.
I sprayed this on me in the department store and quickly wanted to buy it.
The vanilla, leather and booziness were really intoxicating. The problem
for me is I don’t get the longevity of this like you do. I wish it
performed as good as it does on you so that’s where the letdown is. It
becomes a skin scent and I can’t smell it too much. Otherwise if it
performed as good on you as it did on me this would have been an excellent
release by Dior!

8rk7 says:

Really good review mate. Sounds disappointing more than anything. Got
handed a few samples too. First impressions were good but I also felt that
it was not something I want to buy. Further investigation is required…

Greggieboy76 says:

Great information as always Edd. I have bought his, but it’s still in
cellophane. Gonna try today, not really liking the sound of it, by your
review (and other peoples comments thus far)

Lovesmariah1000 says:

Very informative. Great review. 

Lanier Smith says:

An excellent and honest review. I so enjoyed hearing your take on the
flanker for Fahrenheit. 

J Mo says:

hey man good to see you back… hope you are okay … nice vid and your
voice is still the same..

dspada67 says:

Thanks for the review . I haven’t seen it yet In Australia , but sounds
disappointing, it’s a shame . I love the original and today’s version is

Natalee Patel says:

So wonderful to see you back Edd!! Thanks for the review! 

Redolessence says:

Great review! 

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