A GUIDE TO FASHON DESIGNERS 2018!! (ft. Karl Lagerfeld, Virgil Abloh, and Donatella Versace)

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*This is a re-re-upload. Sorry about the first video, I actually like this idea and really wanted to make it, so if it seems rushed and like I don’t care about that’s not how I really feel! Hope you all enjoy this edited version!*

Keeping track of fashion designers is hard, so I made a little guide . . . I wrote it, I edited it, I made it nice!

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Brightstar Lavandula says:

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

Brightstar Lavandula says:

I have an inquiry:
Why some well-known designer do some coutures to other brand? Obvious example is Karl Lagerfeld did for Chanel and Fendi, not for his own brand. Tq

Emilio Tamez says:

nicolas gesquiere is pronounced differently lol (im french)

Lena Ruan says:

you forgot Vetements

Gustav Sjö says:

Acne studios?

shawn says:

Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler

ZZarfazaS says:

Andreas could get it any day. Same goes to Nicholas.

Sebastian Immonen says:

I need like a quizlet for this I want to learn

Agar Enkhbaatar says:

Riccardo tisci – givenchy

Minicule X says:

it's so strange how much the whole industry's changed. i haven't been really keeping up with fashion as much as i used to, i feel like this stuff didn't really change a lot while i was growing up, and when i was really into it which wasn't that long ago, then alexander mcqeen died and everything shifted and never stopped shifting. if you don't pay attention for a year, you'll have no idea wtf is happening.

Male Model Corp 3 says:

Great pronunciation of Loewe!

Caleb James Filemon says:

schiaparelli, vionnet, mugler, mcqueen

Hugo Martinez says:

This is the kind of content that I really appreciate, teaching about fashion and informing to many people whats good with the actual business ! Well done <3 hugs from Mexico

Stavros Kyriakopoulos says:

I thought Shayne just did a capsule collection for Helmut, is he the creative director now?

Sara Maserati says:

as an Italian I love his accent when he reads the Italian designers’ names

Sherbak K says:

Really helpful video!Do you like Sandro and Maje?

Charlie Lewis says:

Can't wait for that video on mitch grassi! 😃🤗

Fernando Herrera says:

You’re missing Alexander McQueen!!!

Isaac do this says:

LOVE THE NEW SKETCH FORMAT! It adds to your cred as a fashion student not that ever doubted
It but aye you go!!

G K says:

This was fun! Wish it was longer 😛 Maybe a 'fashion history' on the contemporary designers? I'm so interested 🙂

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