A Day in the Life of Kendall Jenner at Chanel during Fashion Week

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Interview – Maud Charmoy
Production – Papi Films
Music – Robert James Manning – Ghost and Ghouls

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Gabrielle Capes says:

Kendall IS a great model. YES she has the height and figure for runway (shes not just an 'average' girl). Whether you find her 'plain' or 'boring' is irrelevant. The whole point of modelling is to represent the brand and sell the clothing. Kendall does this. A lot of girls look up to her, and will buy clothing that she wears or endorses. Kendall modelling has to do with this influence (over 40 million followers on Instagram) way more than her family connections. High fashion has never been more accessible until social media driven models gave us insight into their world. Why would Chanel choose an unknown (perhaps more hardworking model) when Kendall fits the bill, PLUS has a huge cult following that will give the brand tons of media attention?


My name is Kendall

Young Tigerzz says:

everyone is getting beautiful, rich and famous and i'm just lying here with my doublechin?

K. John says:

She is perfection. I really have a hard time understanding how any rational personal can't like her. She's well grounded for her age, is not a wannabe, she's simple, classy and elegant in the way she dresses and carries herself… respectful all the time despite the hard critics against her… she's not like the majority of teenagers who are desperate for attention as soon as they hit a certain age, she doesn't use aesthetic surgery… she doesn't have an annoying extravagant personality… she's soft, calm…

She's also not the typical cliché blond bimbo we see on every living social media…

And, with all that, she's easily the most perfect woman on this planet earth from a physical standpoint. Frankly, I really don't care about her family and glad she's not hanging that much with them in her work because it really allows her special personality to come out which would have been easily overshadowed by her other loony tune sisters.

Samuel Caldera says:

I have like the biggest crush on her

ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia says:

I spot Lily Rose depp

Carla Martinez says:

One of my favorite models!

ruby bond says:

wheres here iPhone case from?

Yvette Dela cruz says:

is that cara in the last part?

khaliungoo 13 says:

Oh,my crazy Cara is there.

Umut Balci says:

she speaks like me

HollyGolightly078 says:

Only Hispanics and Arabs consider this trash hot. She looks vulgar and cheap

HollyGolightly078 says:

00:34 – She clearly had subtle lip filler injections
Also, she looks so old for her age…She doesn't have that fresh look a la Barbara Palvin or Sara Sampaio…

sukhik sakeeb says:

She really boring charachter lol

Nicky Sydor says:

out of the entire family kendall is my favorite always !

Kenza Bhc says:

03:28 Lily Rose Deep in the background.
Btw Kendall is amazing!

John Sacrimoni says:

whos that guy at 2:15 #nohomo

lili pro says:

Love her

I love You says:

She's really pretty but she's boring

Alexia loquellano says:

She's effortlessly gorgeous to me but, idk, this was a bit boring to ME. That's just my opinion though

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