A day at the Hermès flagship store in Paris

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danny hussain says:

Visited the this store a couple of weeks go and purchased a belt really happy with the service

2pkjs1351 says:

Asians in general including Indians and Pakistanis buy A BUNCH of designer bags , belts ,clothes etc.

Albert De Castro says:

Seriously? Get some education.

LHbeat says:

The horse seems tired 1:01

Uknowmysteez1 says:

No they have to wait outside while the Westerners (like Americans and British) have a nose around inside the shop

dx398 says:

These “luxury” stores will be the first to go up in flames once the currency collapse occurs..

Oscar Toledano says:

What kind of question is that? Asians are the number one buyers of expensive handbags in the world…Asians will buy 3 bags in ratio to 1 for an american buyer…

Microglia1 says:

well, they call themselves “sellier”. Besides Mongols, I don’t know many asians riding horses.

Schmiki24 says:

I think that they make most of their money with asians!

Microglia1 says:

Do they allow Asians (like Koreans and Japanese) to shop there?

xtcvsop says:

the movement of this video gives me a headache

TheHeppu says:

i want a hermes store to helsinki finland!!!

misspuppa says:

seen nice here !

HighHorse07 says:

i LOOOVVVVEEE this store!!

dorisucker says:

amazing store

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