90s inspired Makeup Look w/ 3 Lip options | Chanel Boateng

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Ensure you watch on HD for the best quality Subscribe to my second channel ‘Chanel’s House’ here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCmjQP8Uwh7t0dDVlS2EgzA/feed Products used: CHECK …

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Ms Washington says:

Love it. Brandy, Monica,Janet Jackson look. The braids look lovely on you

Chanel Boateng says:
Brittany Fullard says:

Love the looks and your braids!

Dark-Skinned Divas says:

I used to do the black liner on my lips! Great video…thanks for sharing 

AOsei says:

I love you in braids – so pretty x

Ane Adores says:

You’re making me want to get some braids put in, they suit you so well! I I
thought the last lip looked great on you also x

Grace On Your Dash says:

Ahhhhhhhh we don’t have Chanel’s foundation for w.o.c. in Milan

marce maiwasham says:

I liked the middle look(2nd) and braids look so nice on you

Camilla Tavares says:

wow, love the hair!!! great makeup, thanks

hmm101alot says:

loved this, love the themed tuts. maybe you could do one where you show us
how you fist did your makeup, or how you did yur make in the 2000s etc :-)

Eloisedoesbeauty says:

Hi everyone! Please leave me questions to answer on my latest video! I will
answer all questions in my upcoming videos so don’t forget to subscribe

MyNijahDarling says:

Amazing tutorial. I have to recreate this! Lol. 🙂 I need silver lipstick.

MremboOne says:

Love the braids!!!!

Keyshaw30 says:

Yes honey that black lips and silver lipstick was the jam in the 90’s! 

Manny O says:

Love this look !! The last lip combo with the black lip liner was my fav on
you. It looks soo gorgeous 

yallipop says:

wow i love that ur using BH cosmetics and i literally just got that

sohnia ndoye says:

my mom used to put the same black coal pencil on her eyebrows, as an
eyeliner, a lip liner. evrthing. reminds me of the african auntie vid ,lol!
we’ve come a long way with makeup

JeNeevaLove says:

Fine gal


The 90’s Look on you is absolutely gorgeous . And I am loving the Braids

Shona Rucker says:

Great 90s makeup look! Thanks for sharing. God bless. =)

Lynda Booker says:

Love the look, it looks beautiful on you!

Sylan Beauty says:

On point!!! Gorgeous:) xoxo

Darlene Hall says:

Love the look..love the braids and love those earrings 😉 

Nicole Reese says:

gorgeous, you are rocking those braids. and your looks are on point. 

Kristen K Pianga says:

This look reminds me of Janet Jackson in the movie Poetic Justice:)

MakeupMinionTV says:

love love LOVE that hair on you!! Ahh so pretty!

carolyn1301977 says:

Girl u brought me back !!!! LoL love it 

Shanna Sloane says:

I was just about to comment “where is the black lip liner”!!! I wore the
black liner with clear gloss! I should have been shot!. LOL! I like the
fashion fair – maple syrup lippie. I am going to check it out..Thank you
for taking me back in time!!! I also LOVE your braids! Work!!!

Aquie Harris says:

Gurl people still rocking the black line to this day….lol…great video

zheahra says:

Love your tutorials. I was waiting on that black lip liner. LOL! Girl, I
give myself some credit cause I used a dark brown lip liner. Don’t get me
wrong. Some could pull it off. Whenever I see a lady wearing black lip
liner, I think to myself she is telling her age. 

korobeiki says:

For you guys with discoloration- instead of using heavy concealer, you
should use something orange tinted. It will cancel out the darkness and all
you have to do is put your foundation over it.

cgrepresentative01 says:

your hair thou

sharon bell says:

I love it too! You know you looked just like you just graduated from

Diana Perez says:

Yes! I miss the black lip liner with any lip color. That was the rage.
Also, remember the heroine sheek with the messy bruised looking eye makeup.
Great tutorial. 

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