$8000 shopping spree at CHANEL on rodeo

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deyaaatok3s says:

Nina is cool affff haha 🙂 shit i been trying to get pedicures with my momma lol

Ayesha Shakeel says:

im so grateful for not being rich rn idek

Patricia Samonte says:

me a broke college student cryingggg. well patricia-samonte is my venmo if y’all have an extra dollar toward my tuition ❤️

Merrie Schorsch says:

blair needs to realise that SHE is not rich, her hard-working MOM is. i can’t get over how ungrateful and disrespectful she is.

Lator Gator says:

That looks so fun! Blair is such a lucky girl! 😍😂😄

Cheyenne Bohman says:

Omg Nina, you are the cutest💙💙💙

Merve M says:

I feel like she has a sugar daddy or something how can u be so rich from being a dentist

Karina Martinez says:

Ill be honest i was mad at first because i thought they were just spending money like nothing but this woman works hard for her money and now I respect you very much ❤️

sebastian rivera says:

lmao Dr is more excited than Blair

Yoshi Nohpal says:

“You should boomerang that blair!” 😂😂 boomerang queen

Yoshi Nohpal says:

Nina is such a sweet woman 😢❤️

Sezen Kaya says:

Cringe. “First chanel bag omgomg”
I was expecting something different when I clicked on the video..

babyhols666 says:

buying a child who doesn’t understand just how expensive chanel is and shes not even excited for it, the mum is just living thru her

Karolina Ren says:

i feel like she wants to be a teen again

Ralmain Glam says:

Did that guy just ask who or what Chanel is??

Ralmain Glam says:

What’s the background music called

Iya Dc says:

Oh my i feel poor

Emily Vang says:

My parents are rich but we don’t shop like that!!?😂🤔

Diana says:

RIP to Karl Lagerfeld

Diana says:

Tbh $8000 isn't a lot of spending at Chanel considering the least expensive bag is probably $3500 at Chanel. You should do Hermes, omgggg scoring a bag there would be so awesome!!

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