8 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Buy a Chanel Bag

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Hi everyone! Today’s video is all about the reasons NOT to buy a Chanel bag! I hope you enjoy it 🙂


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Anteroization says:

the chains noises will drive me crazy. and yes they are all gorgeous.

Melissa Tremblay says:

where did you get your top? It's beautiful!

km_au says:

I’m in a love and hate relationship with my jumbo🙈


I didn't own any Chanel, thou i want to own a Chanel bag and Chanel slg because of the price i can't, why i watch this, simply because i love watching your videos. Have a great day.

kaw1059 says:

All I need is 1 reason and that's animal cruelty. I'll stick to Stella McCartney or Givenchy for their vegan leather options!

Mike D says:

I own a few Chanel bags and find Chanel bags are very well made, superb , buttery leather which I really love, about the weight it will depending on which style bag you use for.

Evening gathering I normally use a smaller and light weight Chanel elegant flap bag to pair with my outfit, daytime outing normally I use a Chanel tote bag for general functions.

Chanel bags are pricy bags so as all other name-brand bag also came with a high price tag.
I think a few key elements we should take into consideration when buying a Chanel or any other name brand bags::
I like many of Chanel bags due to its elegance & subtly, most of all, they function well & suite my style perfectly.

Sonia Ortiz says:

Should of led with price lol

Martin Gades says:

I love the chevron quilted models so much.

Kate Miller says:

Thank goodness I only bought one chanel. I really only use it for weddings and funerals lol. I use my Gucci and Dior everyday and love them. The customer service is so much better in Dior I find. Even the quality is better in Dior.

D E says:

Great review. And I agree, I think we're at the top of the market. With KL's passing, we'll see what happens with the brand. The new CD is terrible.

K Ham says:

The preloved market is worse or just as much as retail , I also really like how you are not acting like the prices are normal , I just saw Anothet lux YT do a 19,000 chanel haul , I think that’s a bit tacky to put the amount in the thumbnail ,, just my opinion ! You have not lost touch with financial reality like some of these other youtubers ! Great video !

K Ham says:

I really like how honest you are , instead of raving ,,, I saw a certain lux youtuber who I typically like say
Every women should own a chanel bag ,, for myself I just feel they look like an older women’s bag & I am 50 , they are just to dressy for my style ,,, almost pulled the trigger on a WOC , but just could not justify spending that for a wallet , so I bought some Gucci shoes , couple of things from LV ,,😄

Anonymous BagAddict says:

Totally agree with the price argument. I have a chanel classic and a boy but i know i’ll never buy one again for the price they go for now. Just absolutely ridiculous. Only thing i see myself buying from them now is SLG

Jasmine P. says:

I won a pre loved Italian brand, genuine leather purse I won at an auction on eBay cheap.. I am so happy with my purchase, the previous owner took care of it, it looks brand new.. its almost looked like Chanel, the only difference is the price.. I feel like I'm wearing a Chanel.

Dangerus Diva says:

OK… I'm glad I didn't watch this video before I purchased my bag a few days ago…. you had good arguments ! Probably woulda talked me out of it great vid!

Blessed Bythebest100 says:

I truly appreciate the timing of this video. I been doing my homework in seeing why I SHOULD by the m/l or small. 🙄 ty

Kumabear says:

Before 2007/8 most people thought the Chanel classic flap was a granny bag. I blame social media and people following each other and copying each other for the increase in luxury goods prices, especially Chanel. Gosh I miss the days when the classic flap was not so popular.
I cringe a little when I hear people say it’s a classic and will never go out of style. Well there was a time when a lot of people would not carry a classic flap for fear of being caught with a granny bag lol, and they were off loading them for cheap. I don’t think people remember this time. I’m sure it’ll probably recycle back around one day where the classic flap will not be as desirable. I think a lot of people buy them today just because.

S CT says:

I don't need 5 reasons not to buy Chanel bags, just 1, too expensive!

Alexandra Dolezelova says:

I also don’t understand what is the hype about Hermes . I genuinely don’t like any of their bags , I have them associated with old French ladies with a little dog on their arm, strolling along the sea on the Côte d’Azur . Not my vibe . 😁

Alexandra Dolezelova says:

Great video ! You are so eloquent and informative and you have such a lovely presentation !

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