7 Fashion Trends That Should DIE In 2018

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fashion is dumb as fuck!!! wear whatever the fuck you want whenever you want

Martis P says:

"Stick to your classics"
At this point clout goggles are classics too

James Murray says:

The Persol frames sold on Glasses USA are FAKE! They do NOT come with an authentic Persol case and cleaning cloth like they promise.

Muscle Man says:

You think I'm extra handsome? Need to take me out to dinner first my friend before you can let the holy spirit come inside you. If you catch my drift.

BioLogicalEX1 - アニメの反応とゲーム says:

4:40 teachingmensfashion: seriously in 2018 can we go back to the clothing that meant to be worn?

Me: baggy jeans, white t's and fitting caps, my vote 🗳

King Bovi says:

ur not good at fashion u just have simple n clean dressing style

Nelson Guerrero says:

Joggers??? Come on José you know we can't give those up.

Kevin Mao says:

Yet he owns a pair of sesame yeezys. What a hypocrite.

Jksamonte says:

Lol, not giving up mules

Isaiah Lazalde says:

This nigga stupid

Lil Luna says:

Supreme tho im not gonna it getting a little overrated but still there is going be Collector and OG supreme collecting them no matter what , in my opinion kid around like at the age 10-15 will still buy it cuz of big influence

Lil Luna says:

Yeezy are dead is only because it over produce and It also dead cuz of people keep flexing them bitches

Sliver says:

Is it just me or is this guy just being boring with his style a pussy if you would

Gerardo Rios says:


Slosh Mike says:

Your yapping is giving me a headache.

xer horse says:

But you also have to put into consideration of other ppls mindset
They may be hypebeast and love supreme for the hype designs but u r not into the hypebeast kinda thing and u r like oh i want this to die out

deefirst says:

Keep your fucking mouth closed about Yeezys, border rat.

burek amin says:

Goggles are Iconic.They cant die.

NightHawk says:

Joggers, jeans and chinos? Should I wear pants at all? I think you forgot to give a little more details on that one

HarXion says:

I don't think yeezys should die, But its also a good thing If it does, because then i will be able to get my favorite sneaker ever – The zebras (with the yellow stripe, Yes i actually liked it) And the og belugas, and the semi frozen yellows (and yes i like those too)

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