5 Reasons Why NYC’s Shutting Down the Supreme x Louis Vuitton Drop

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After hearing concerns from residents and failing to see any customer management plan from Supreme for their much-anticipated Louis Vuitton collaboration release, a local New York City community board voted to deny the brand’s planned pop-up shop.

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Dylan Thabest says:

Thanks Obama! You brought this weak L shit to our country !

Ben Alves says:

When he made that hand gesture with the word denied… cringe AF

Yumi Tokushige says:

I don't really care or like L Vuitton

joycieket says:

I fucking hate Justin Block and his annoying hand gestures.

Supreme Etnel says:

They should build a pop up at Central Park.

Horus Ra says:

we all know that the main reason why is cause Emily's fine ass ain't around no mo.

Tha Kali Life says:

online launch?

PrimeTimeKicks says:

Jinx lowkey crying right now

Trae Fittz says:

Makes perfect sense.. They were ding shit for NY but fuckin it up & get paid. Lol. Why don't they do it at the LV store?

Criss Widdit says:

Do it in LA

rudi anto says:

Stupid overhyped overpriced unnecessarily collab from 2 already known overpriced brands & still heaps of people willing to camp overnight for these, smh 1000x, the world's indeed gone cray er cray er

lilmario0 says:

Good. We all know you niggas would have shot up the place anyways.

Noa Amable says:

hell no now american are going to come in france

Matrix Divion says:

Supreme is overpriced for no reason. People who buy Supreme clothing are a bunch of retarded rich kids. Louis Vuitton a whole different story.

Mr.Tinker says:

this is the only complex person i dont like

Red Dot says:

insert crying jordan meme here Fucking hypebeast ass niggas lmao

Golden One says:

I would never look at Louis Vuitton the same way again if they team up with Supreme SMH

Young Goldie says:

Someone is getting stabbed that day b, they setting niggas up dead ass??

Ruby says:

do it online only

john nava says:


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