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THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST EMBARASSING MOMENTS OF MY LIFE. You guys have no idea how humiliated I was walking into Louis Vuitton and basically being laughed at. I’m telling you guys this story because not only is it wild, it’s a reminder to be smart when you buy things online. I constantly see videos of people online buying fake Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Fendi and whatever… but they did it on purpose! And of course, I end up getting screwed over without trying ugh.

I’m so so so happy though because I’ve finally got everything sorted out with the company that sold this to me. I’m getting my money back and everything so thank the lord!

After I filmed this video I started looking at the bag, box, and everything again… and I just realized how stupid I was. The box was so fake and I didn’t even think twice about it because I never thought I would get scammed. I even tried to justify it after I realized it was fake! I was like… maybe Louis Vuitton just changed the packaging! Maybe I’m just crazy! I think it just came down to the fact that you see what you want to believe. And I saw a real bag because that’s what I figured it would be. Maybe I’m just crazy lol! Maybe the waste of $3600 killed my mind.
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I love you so much and I hope you guys stay tuned for so many more videos in the future!

xoxo Blake :))))))


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Blake Allan says:

The problem with some consignment sites is that nobody is authenticating the items before the customers get them. The websites provide a platform for sales and are there to make their commission. When someone buys a bag, it’s getting sent straight from the individual seller to the customer. That’s where things can go wrong like in my case.

However, I got my refund and I’m sorry to say this because it fucking sucks, but at the end of the day this can happen on ANY of these sites… and it obviously happens a lot 😩😤 Just be smart when you’re buying things and use sites that offer refunds if something is wrong. I would say buy from sites that are authenticating every item but even with those, things slip through the cracks. I think pre loved bags are amazing but in all honesty the only guarantee is buying it from the store. Lesson learned and I’m so sorry to all of the people I’ve left hanging. Thank you for all of your kind comments of support 💗 If you’re reading this, it means the world that you’re checking out my videos (even if you don’t like them) so thank you 🙏

Tacara Guice says:

They are very mean its crazy. The dust bag is a dead giveaway all you do is file a claim through your bank and the bank will give you your money back then go after them.

Cheraye C Lewis says:

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Mathieu Foubert says:

C est pas une belle copie sa na rien à voir c pas le style Vuitton on a plus l haïr d ebile avec une copie Autant économiser pour son payer un vrai

Danny Halling says:

Sorry to hear this happened to you x hope it gets sorted soon!!💖

Paola Tramontin says:

Tradesy or the real website 😁

Irene Oros says:

Aw so sad fight hard for your money back🤬🤬🤬

Lyse says:

Awh hunny 😫😫

Brittany Billington says:

Aww your in Arizona too!!! I hope i see you randomly for some YouTube fame. Lol!

JenLovesLouis says:

There are amazing sites for preloved luxury. Try Fashionphile! Also, if they don’t except returns never buy from them!

Nikki's Notebook says:

I'm Shook!! Wait was this RealReal?

Britni Geraghty says:

I'm guessing it could be "TheRealReal" maybe???

ingrid says:

Why would you pay3k for a bag anyway at your age? Don’t you have more important things to do with your life?

Kris Mechels says:

Also try to dispute it through paypal if you used them for the payment. I really think they favor the customer on these issues. Good luck!

Ron leo says:

Even if it was authentic, you would have still been scammed. Three grand for a bag? Sucker born every minute.

rawrberrys says:

Report the seller for fraud.

Frozen Luxury says:

Lv staff would never say anything at all what so ever

Henna du plessis says:

I agree with you 100%, also, you talk too much.

CreoleKisses 2 says:

Wow that is messed up.. $3,000 oh no.. Get a refund immediately!!

TheGemini_ Doll says:

If you spend that much money you go straight to Louis Vuitton to but the product not a boutique, not a online store, but straight to the source!!!!!

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