2016 Trends That Need To DIE!

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mariam ouedraogo says:

Me at the begging of the video I saw chokers at the thumbnail but aren't you wearing one

No hate?

Ellen Tube says:

She is so pretty

Mrs.M says:

Wow… you're incredibly beautiful! And your hands are… just perfect.

imk chocolate says:

Yeah I wasn't really crazy about Justin when he was younger and only would talk about girls in his songs and I definitely didn't have the Bieber fever but know I'm a big fan of his new music but not really a fan of him

Litte Sparkelz says:

AGREE WITH ALL OF THEM!!! Especially the "As black as my soul" +1 sub

Kehli Cousins says:

Hii ! Love your channel and your hair! You said it was weave ,what kind is it?

sarah Angeles says:

I agree with you 100% ! I love jb

Brianna Raines says:

PLEASE DO THIS ONE IN A Q AND A have u ever dated a guy that wanted to have sex with u please do this question in a video also i love u and ur georgeous

Kelly Fitzcharles says:

I totally agree with all of that

Amber says:

OH MY GOD WE HAVE THE SAME CHOKERS OHHMHYY!! i did not realise it until you pointed and mentioned your choker

Twenty One Discos says:

What's that song she played in the beginning ??

Fuhrmanizer says:

2:55 never

Kayla R says:

It's not a trend to hate Justin, he's a douche! He wouldn't take a picture with a "small person", but he did with everyone else! And the man was nothing, but nice to him!

Jasmine Taylor says:

I got made fun of by a group of boys some months ago and some years ago, when my thighs decided to make slits in the back of my jeans. Almost every girl who had that happen at my old school knew the struggle. Now this crap became a trend ??

MissRenae says:

What were the songs she was playing in the beginning???

Skylar Parhms says:

your skin looks so smooth and beautiful ???

kathryn kate says:

Most embarrassing Story

Alise AnimeLover says:

they are not hoes

they are basic bitches

Sienna Caruso says:

I love your channel, as soon as I watched this video I loved your personality! I subscribed!!!

kaitlyn knopjes says:

have you had sex

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